Fake Daring Do Plush
It's seems that FrontWinner isn't the only company who is taking advantage of the big demand on MLP plushies. A website called OnlyFactory has posted progress pictures of their upcoming unlicensed plushies. The pictures shows the progress of Chinese plush artists on the CMC, DJ-PON3 and Daring Do plushies.
Update: Sweetie Belle picture added

You can see all the pictures below the cut!

Fake Scootaloo Plush
Fake DJ-PON3 / Vinyl Scratch Plush
Fake Applebloom Plush
Fake Sweetie Belle Plush

Thanks to MLParena member nogames for the info!


  1. That is Frontwinner producing the plushies. The website is kind of like Fromtwinner with the voting on plush stuff, and the thing that says who is producing it says FTW, in the same way Frontwinner's logo was.

  2. That Vinyl Scratch is MINE!!!! (not really.)