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C&A Shows New My Little Pony Line - Advertises With Unlicensed Plush
Across Europe clothing store C&A announced a new line of My Little Pony clothing for young adults through their latest newsletter. Within the collection, which might be placed under their Clockhouse sub-brand, there are various colors of short-sleeved shirts with a variation of Mane 6 ponies and designs. It is possible that more apparel will be included, but the newsletter did not show anything else besides these shirts.

The online stores of C&A across Europe (for example the German one) are pretty much in-sync when it comes to their offerings, and none of them currently have anything My Little Pony related on offer, outside of children's sizes. A bit more patience will be required before we can see all designs in detail, but we'll keep you posted!

One juicy detail is the fact that the promotional photos used in the email newsletter show various unlicensed plush from FrontWinner/Olyfactory. These were never officially sold in stores, so it's unclear where the marketing department/studio got these from (certainly not from Hasbro!).

Thanks to Ayu for the heads-up!

Ossie and the Quest for the Worst MLP Fakies Part 4
It's been a very long time since our last episode of the Fakie Quest, and while we did two quick updates on fake EqG Minis, a new episode was well overdue! In this post you'll find tons and tons of fake My Little Pony toys, figures and basically everything that can be printed with bootleg artwork. Since the last episode we did not stop collecting images, and we did receive several submits too. (Thanks to Tomo, Ayu, Sharon and Andrea for their contributions)
Enjoy our 4th episode in the quest for the worst fakies!

Watch Out for Fake Equestria Girls Minis!
While I hope to get enough time for a new Fakie Quest post soon, this is one set of fakies that I wanted to get out in the open as soon as possible. Over on Taobao (and possibly eBay and AliExpress too) loads of listings for these fake Equestria Girls Minis are filling the search pages of the online marketplace. They look pretty accurate and cost next to nothing: listings go as low as $8.50 for 9 figures! Now these are only the Taobao prices, it's possible that once these hit eBay the prices will rise as well if people can't tell the difference.
To help everyone out we've made a quick reference to telling these and real EqG Minis apart. In the picture below we've marked some key elements different from the original ones:

Watch Out for Fake Equestria Girls Minis
Every time Hasbro releases a new concept for any of their toys it's just a matter of time before fake versions arise on the internet. EBay and Alibaba/Taobao used to be popular platforms for the latest fakies, but as of late Instagram became the latest trend for selling bootleg products. One more example of this practice are these new fake Equestria Girls Minis figures with the inappropriate name "My Fun Hose".
Some of the figures look pretty decent, but some others have weird accessories (like fake Blind Bag ponies, or the fact that Twilight Sparkle doesn't even wear her skirt) and another bunch that just looks odd, like Rarity and Fluttershy.
For some it might be an open door that these are bootleg products, but without the packaging it's a whole lot harder to see the difference. The best way to differentiate these from real figures are:
- Compare the colors
- Compare the accessories
- Compare the plastic (the fakes are more glossy)

Disclaimer: We do not promote buying and/or selling fake products and this post is meant as a warning for people to know the difference between real and fake My Little Pony products.

Note: We're still working on a full fakie quest episode, this is just a quick PSA.

Thanks to pega_ponycorn.offcl and Tomo for the info!

Ossie and the Quest for the Worst MLP Fakies Part 3
I'm back with another report on my never-ending quest to find the worst My Little Pony fakies in existence. This time I got some massive help from Ilona, who helped collecting and identifying the fakes.
For those who are not familiar with the series: every now and then we browse the darker side of the internet and come across all sorts of bootleg MLP items, which we collect and save up for posts like this one. If you enjoy this post you can always go back to part 1 and part 2 for more fakie madness.

MLP Princess Applejack & Rainbow Dash Fakies
It's been around a month since the first Quest for the Worst MLP Fakies post, and because of the overwhelmingly positive reactions I've decided to write another one! I once again saved up all the fakies I found last month, and was planning to keep going a bit longer. However, I want to warn you all for new fakies that have been going around since the past 2 weeks, and in the past few days it's gotten a bit out of hand. So, as a warning to everyone I start this post with:

MLP Possible Rainbow Dash Wonderbolt Fashion Style BrushableMLP Possible Rainbow Dash Wonderbolt Fashion Style Brushable

Here's something interesting we've found on Taobao. A Rainbow Dash Fashion Style with Wonderbolt Markings hinting at a costume. The fact that we found several other Wonderbolt Themed Brushables and Blind Bags before may indicate that she will be part of this line as well. However, something strange is going on.

Ossie and the Quest for the Worst MLP Fakies
When browsing the internet for My Little Pony products you find all the good and legit stuff first. But when you go beyond page 30 of Google and searching for shady marketplace website you will eventually get into the world of My Little Pony fakies. Of course eBay has plenty of fakies too, but this is usually only the surface of what you can find. Many of these marketplaces (like Taobao) don't have anti-counterfeiting on the top of their agendas, although Alibaba has had a major clean-up lately.
For the protection of everyone I will not share any links nor name websites, but rest assured that most of these fakies are only available when ordering thousands at the same time, which is usually done by equally shady retailers.
In this post I will discuss some of the more interesting fakies I have found over the past few weeks, mainly focusing on figures and plush. While there won't be a definite 'worst fakie' in this post, it was my actual goal during my search, skipping the other common and already known fakies.

So, after this brief introduction, head on down and enjoy my quest!

MLP Large Princess-Sized Princess Luna BrushableMLP Large Princess-Sized Princess Luna Brushable
Quite an interesting find again on AliExpress as this Large Princess-Sized Princess Luna has been spotted. I know we should be a bit skeptical because some merch found on AliExpress can be fake. However I have to admit that this Luna looks very good like an official product. The eyes are her own ones and she even has a black necklace and tiara with her moon on it. The gradient on her wings look also nice.

I think we just have to wait some more to see if she's official or not. We'll keep you updated. If you know more, please let us know!

Thanks to Violet CLM and Mihailo for the heads up!

Warning: Fake Blind Bags Being Sold Online
The blind bags in the above image might look like a promising new blind bag wave, but sadly they're not. These blind bags are filled with the common bright colored bootleg figures, that have been sold on eBay for over a year now. The figures are in no-way close to actual figures, but the catch is that the blind bags actually look like something that Hasbro would make.
Right now they have been spotted at an Indonesian wholesaler, so it's possible that these will pop-up in other stores and website soon. Again: these are bootleg figures and there is absolutely no guarantee about the quality or safety.
Thanks to EclipsedFlame for the heads-up.