Sweetie Drops Rainbowfied BrushablePrincess Cadance Snowglobe Brushable
It seems like a lot of interesting new Brushables have been found on Taobao! We first have the Snowglobe Princess Cadance in Packaging, but we also have some new interesting Rainbowfied Brushables! For example, we have a new Rainbow Dash, Sunset Shimmer and Sweetie Drops! (Bon Bon). However, I'm gonna ask myself if these are part of the Rainbow Power line, or a whole new line since they remind me of the G1 TAF (Twice-as-Fancy) Ponies, these had there cutie mark all over their body.
Right now we only have pictures of the Ponies themselves, but I hope we can see them in packaging soon! Thanks to Navi from the MLP Arena for the heads up! Below the cut we have pictures of them all!
UPDATE: Added Rainbowfied Applejack from Taobao.

Twilight Sparkle Rainbowfied Brushable
Rainbow Dash Rainbowfied Brushable
Sunset Shimmer Rainbowfied Brushable
Sweetie Drops Rainbowfied Brushable
Princess Cadance Snowglobe Brushable
Applejack Rainbowfied Brushable


  1. YAY!!!!! Now my lyra brushable will have her bff with her :D

  2. OMG Bon Bon! I always wanted a Bon Bon.. Hopefully they will re release Vinyl!

  3. Adagio at Comic Con! And Sonata and Aria are there too!

  4. BON-BON! I was wondering when they'd get around to her!

  5. Cadence, your wings!