Rainbowfied Skywishes BrushableRainbowfied Holly Dash Brushable

Great new for those who wanted new Brushable characters! It seems like we will get a Rainbowfied Skywishes soon, and Finally we get a new glimpse of the Rainbowfied Holly Dash we first saw during the NY Toy Fair! It seems like she will be more purple then white. A new Rarity Brushable has also been found. You can find her below the cut, it seems like she's the one we saw as well during the NY Toy Fair (coverage here) All of these have been found on Tabao.

Thanks to Tomo for the heads up!

Rainbowfied Rarity Brushable


  1. I also found a cheerilee in a same set up design and was told by hasbro uk cheerilee will be re released in the UK later this year hoping its that one in the same theme