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Wave 17 Blind Bags Images Released + CODES
The first images of wave 17 blind bags have been found, and Hasbro has been generous this time: HQ images of all ponies and blind bag cards are included! This way we were able to fill our MLP Blind Bag Database and figure out the codes for this wave! As expected, this wave is a re-release of wave 7, but with a missing characters like the wonderbolts (who get a release anyway) and Barber Groomsby. These have been replaced with Nightmare Night-themed chase figures, as we've seen before on eBay and Taobao. The regular characters are transparent ponies with embedded glitter (like wave 13), and the chase figures have regular material.
(Sadly, we didn't hear anything about the release of wave 16 yet)
Below we have a list of all the codes and ponies that we now know of:

Secret Neon Giveaway Has Ended
Our Secret Neon Giveaway has ended, and the winner from Tumblr has received a private message, congratulations!
This was our most demanded and popular giveaway to date, and we're so happy that you all liked this giveaway and are glad you all joined in. Thank you for that!

Our next giveaway will start tomorrow, so that means another chance to win MLP prizes! (Tomorrow's giveaway will be slightly different than what you might be used to see on our website, but more info will be posted in the giveaway announcement tomorrow.)

MLP Merch Secret Neon Giveaway
This is your last chance to join our MLPMerch Secret Neon Giveaway! The giveaway will end tomorrow, bit if you join in time you'll claim a chance to win Rainbow Power Holly Dash & Rarity singles and an Applejack Fashion Styles figures! The winner of this giveaway will receive all of these figures, and we'll ship them worldwide! Here's what you have to do in order to join this giveaway:

Secret Neon Giveaway: One Week Left
Don't forget to join our MLPMerch Secret Neon Giveaway! It ends in exactly one week and you don't want to miss out on the amazing prices: Rainbow Power Holly Dash & Rarity singles and an Applejack Fashion Styles figures! The winner of this giveaway will receive all of these figures, and we'll ship them worldwide! Here's what you have to do in order to join this giveaway:

All About MLP Merch Secret Neon Giveaway!
And it's already time for a brand new giveaway! We know a lot of people in the US have/had a lot of trouble getting the ponies from the "Lost" Rainbow Power Wave since these were very hard to find and in a lot of cases, not even released. But since not long ago these started to be available in the Netherlands. We decided to buy some of these and give they away. So one lucky winner gets to win these three rare ponies: A Neon Single Holly Dash and Rarity Brushable, and a Applejack Rainbow Power Fashion Style.

Want to join? It's very simple! Just like/share our giveaway post on any of the following platforms to join. In addition to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr you're now also able to join with Instagram. You're allowed to use all 4 of these methods so using all 4 platforms below will quadruple your chances to win!
Note: Be sure that we're able to reach you when you win! On Facebook you might need to check your 'Other'-inbox, on Tumblr you need your ask-box open and Twitter users need to enable direct messaging.
This giveaway will end on Sunday the 11th of October so be sure to join before it's too late! We will pick one random winner on that day and contact him/her as soon as possible. We will of course keep you up to date. Another nice thing is that again, we're able to ship internationally so that means everybody can join!

Good luck!

Rainbow Power Cheerilee With Holly Dash Backcard
A most unfortunate packaging error has occurred at Hasbro: A Cheerilee brushable from the Rainbow Power series has been packaged on the cardboard packaging of Holly Dash. Holly Dash is one of the sought after Rainbow Power ponies that never released in the US due to unknown reasons. This error release could have been a printing error in the factory, but it indicates that the Holly Dash backcards were available for release at the time this Cheerilee was produced. Even though the releases are from different waves, they could have been produced at the same time, in the same factory.
We don't know what went wrong exactly, but this error would have been nicer the other way around!
Cheerilee was spotted in Texas, but it's currently unknown if she's the only one with this error.
For more info the these Rainbow Power releases, read our The Holly Dash Mystery blogpost.
Thanks to Helicity for the photo!

MLP Rainbow Power Holly Dash BrushableMLP Rainbow Power Rarity Brushable
Over the past few months we've gotten tons of questions about this, and I think it's time to make a full post about it: The last releases of Rainbow Power that have not yet been released in the US. There are a few factors that could have caused that, but it will remain speculation as nothing has been confirmed yet. The ponies that are missing are Holly Dash and Rarity from the Wave 2 Rainbow Power Neon Singles and Applejack and Daisy Dreams from the Wave 3 Rainbow Power Fashion Styles.
(Possibly the Wave 2 Rainbow Shimmer ponies Twilight Sparkle and Princess Cadance are missing too)

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Rainbow Power Holly Dash BrushableRainbow Power Rarity Brushable
 Our enthusiasm might have been a bit too early when 4 days ago we posted that Holly Dash has been listed on the HasbroToyShop website. 2 Days after this listing she has been removed completely and can't be found anymore. We even waited another day to see if she'd return, but sadly she didn't.
Oddly enough she is still listed on the website, but that simply states that she is not available online and redirects you to a generic store finder. Her Amazon US listing is still up as well.
The sudden removal of her listing gives only more doubt about whether she and Rainbow Power Rarity will stay international exclusive figures, as they have been out for months.

We'll let you know as soon as we have more info!
(Thanks to Jorje for the heads-up!)

MLP Holly Dash Rainbow Power BrushableMLP Holly Dash Rainbow Power Brushable
The new line of Rainbow Power single brushables has been a topic of discussion for the last few months as they appeared in the UK, Asia and Canada over 2 months ago and the US is still waiting for their release. We finally see some action on Hasbro's side with an official listing of the Holly Dash Brushable at HasbroToyShop. Before that we've only seen an unavailable listing at Amazon of her. The listing at Hasbro's own webshop lacks a release date, but at least this is an indication that this wave of brushables will not be an international exclusive wave, something that many feared. We expect to see an actual release date soon and hopefully store releases too!
The listing over at HasbroToyShop also states that she is 'Available in US Only', which is ironic, but probably means that she will not be shipped outside of the US from HasbroToyShop.
This brushable ponies wave also contains Rarity, but she has not been listed yet.

Rainbow Power Holly Dash and Rarity in StoresRainbow Power Holly Dash and Rarity in Stores
The new wave of Rainbow Power Single brushables has been spotted in both The Philippines and the UK this week. This wave only contains the long awaited Holly Dash brushable and Rarity. They have no tinsel in their hair and have decorated legs, like the other Rainbow Power brushables. In the UK they have been spotted at Toys"R"Us for a reduced price of £3.74.
Thanks to Jason and Sparkly_Sherbert for the images and info!