EqG Sapphire Shores BackcardEqG Sunset Shimmer Time to Shine Backcard
Today we stumbled upon these two backcards of Equestria Girls dolls that are coming soon, showing some awesome art! Sapphire Shores gives a little backstory and the advice that she should change her clothes backstage (ain't that obvious?). The Sunset Shimmer backcard also shows that her wings are removable and the art itself looks amazing.
What's your opinion on these backcards? Leave your comment below!


  1. Sunset Shimmer's face is way too tanned and busy with both her headset and facial cutie mark. And I really do think that (I know, I know) "background character" Equestria Girls dolls like Sapphire Shores need a pony equivalent in the box with them, or available separately, to be relevant to the masses! But, still. These are both pretty dang cool.

  2. Neat. I like sapphire shores back card and sunset shimmers back card too not to shabby. Lol!!!!!!!!