Funko to Release 2nd Series of Digital Cards With Physical Chase

We honestly thought that the fad was over, but apparently Funko still sees a future in NFT collectibles as they announced the second series of their digital MLP cards.

Just like the first series, these digital collectibles (NFT's) can be purchased as card packs and feature Funko POP artwork of My Little Pony figures. Among the regular cards are chase cards that will grant you a physical counterpart of that POP to be distributed at a later moment.

This time there are less cards available in total (about half), but the amount of available physical figures has also been reduced. For this series the available physical POP figures are Daybreaker (999x), Applejack (1700x), Princess Twilight Sparkle (1700x) and King Sombra (2000x).

More information can be found on the Droppp website where they are set to release on April 16th. And judging by the eBay listings for the first series, it won't be long after the physical releases are shipped out that we're going to see them flood marketplaces.


  1. these pops looks amazing!! its too bad that these are stuck behind NFTs :( I want all of them honestly but if I had to pick a favorite, it would have to be daybreaker.

  2. FINALLY an applejack. only took them a decade xp

  3. How unfortunate that the Twilight has to be one of these and not a Pop sold is regular stores…this NFT stuff is absolutely ridiculous

  4. Finally an applejack but it’s an NFT :/

  5. Excited to have AJ just wish funko would make them solid things, will these and all the new merch be added to the database??