Fluttershy 7 Inch Play by Play PlushRarity 7 Inch Play by Play Plush
Some of you people know the Plushies made by Play by Play. For quite some time Rarity and Fluttershy were the only ones missing. But suddenly these 2 appeared on Amazon with Fluttershy for $7.95 and Rarity for $9.95 for some reason.

Some people have noticed that these plushies are sometimes sold in displays made by Famosa. The fact is is that Play by Play is owned by the Famosa Company.

Get these 2 + the others of the Mane Six here, they are all 7 inch tall.
- Applejack
- Fluttershy
- Pinkie Pie
- Rainbow Dash
- Rarity
- Twilight Sparkle


  1. ...again a Pegasus that got turned into an earthpony.

  2. It's very cute but fluttershy has no wings and rarity is very pretty looking i know they look weird but i would definitely buy them both.

  3. These are so ugly. I can't believe a company mass produces these. I saw the Fluttershy on eBay and thought it was a handmade plush.

  4. I ordered a Fluttershy off the link you posted and she just came in today, she is actually really soft! apart from having no wings, she is really cute :D

    I like to picture her as the Fluttershy from "The Return of Harmony" episodes.