MLP Squishy Pop Figures
Some of you might remember the post about the Squishy Pops from a few weeks ago with the possible Cutie Marks for the CMC. It caused quite some chaos since no one knew if the Cutie Marks were just used from earlier concept arts, or if they were going to be the real thing.

Now one of our readers did find out that Tech4Kids has changed the designs on their website. Instead of a Cutie Mark they now come with a tag that just says their name (see image below), however some of the boxes on eBay still show the earlier version with the Cutie Marks. So for those being able to buy some, do they come with a Cutie Mark charm or the ones with their name? Please feel free to let us know.

Thanks to exe_cute for the heads up!
MLP Squishy Pop CMC Charms


  1. illona In Switzerland i saw a Cutie mark Magic Brushable Her Name Was Sky Whishes i think or it was Sky Dreams HELP ME

    1. Her name is Skywishes. :) And in Switerland you say? That's quite interesting. I hope they arrive in other European countries soon.

    2. Can confirm that, I have seen them at various online stores and they have the typical EU warning letter under their feet (within the EU it is neccessary to add in every language that there are party that can be swallowed and Habsro always adds that as letter, lol).

    3. Yep, it's Skywishes. She is in our Brushable Database and I'll update her release date to 2014 soon :)

    4. Also, if you're able to make a photo of her in store that would be great :)

  2. And I wanted to add that, besides the balls, the CMC will be avaiable in the Charm Packs, the BG Ponies in the Fashion Packs, at least they list them this way on their website: