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Series 5 My Little Pony Squishy Pops
A big update is coming to the My Little Pony line by Basic Fun (formerly Tech 4 Kids), who have announced new Fashems and Squishy Pops this week, featuring brand new designs. They even start their first exclusive partnership for a line of Fashems.

MLP Tech4Kids Squish Pops Series 4
Over at Target in the US you can now get the latest waves of the My Little Pony Squish Pops and Fash'ems figures by Tech4Kids. While we already had some info on the 6th wave of Fash'ems (which has the same figures as wave 5, but with a clear finish), the Series 4 release of the Squish Pops is completely new.
The latest wave of the small squishy figures introduces the first flocked figures and some new characters as well. Below we have more details on the included figures for each wave.
Thanks to Anto for the images!

Store Finds: Equestria Girls Minis & Explore Equestria
Another quick update on store finds around the world! This time it's the UK, Ireland and Canada with new finds.
We're looking at doing more posts like this to give you all a quick update of what's available around the world, and possibly near you. If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

Austria: Sparkle Bright, Magical Scene & Squishy Pops

Austria: Sparkle Bright, Magical Scene & Squishy Pops
During our trip to Germany and Austria we didn't seen that much new stuff at the Toys"R"Us, Real and Interspar, but we did manage to get a great haul at Müller in Austria. As you can see on the image, they have the Sparkle Bright figures, Magical Scene figures, Pursey Pink single and even the Wave 2 Squishy Pops 3-packs. Also available (but not bought) was the Crystal Empire Castle play set and Golden Oaks Library FiM Collection set.

The Philippines: Equestria Girls Minis Sets

The Philippines: Equestria Girls Minis Sets
The bigger sets of the new Equestria Girls wave have been release in The Philippines, which includes the Cafeteria set, Switch-a-Do Salon. Of course the single figures are available as well (thanks to Mitchell).

US: Equestria Girls Minis Fall Formal & Sparkle Brights

US: Equestria Girls Minis Fall Formal & Sparkle Brights
A quick heads-up for those in the US: You can now order the newest wave of Equestria Girls Minis figures at Target and Toys"R"Us (thanks to Bryant).
It's now also confirmed that Toys"R"Us is selling the Sparkle Bright Luna and Cadance figures (thanks to Mistie).

Tech 4 Kids Shows 2016 Fashems, Squishy Pops & More
This year Tech 4 Kids shared 4 My Little Pony merch lines with the crowd. Besides the well known Fashems and Squishy Pops, we also saw two new lines: Micro Lites and a new line of figures that look like Disney's Tsum Tsums. Scroll on down to the images and first impression of the new figures. Cuteness guaranteed!
Thanks to Patricia for the info!

MLP Squishy Pops at the Spielwarenmesse 2016
The Spielwarenmesse 2016 is now open for two days. So far we've found no Hasbro news yet but I'm sure we eventually will get some more info as the Spielwarenmesse will end on February 1, so we have three days left. But we eventually found some MLP Related Merchandise news as the company Tech 4 Kids is also attending. Tech 4 Kids is most known for their Fashems and Squishy Pops. Speaking about Squishy Pops, a picture of some new ones during the Spielwarenmesse has been posted on Instagram.

As you can see there possibly will be a new playset for the Squishy pops which is a Ferris wheel. Some new Squishy Pops are also being some. We've seen some of them last year during the New York Toy Fair but these are a bit different. Judging b the pics I'm not sure if Spike and Princess Luna will ste be present in this line We do however see DJ Pon-3, Octavia, Cheerilee and Derpy/Muffins. We also see the mane-six, this time in a trotting pose (just like last year) In addition to that all character will receive a clear variant as well.

No other information is known at the moment. The ones from last year at the NY Toy Fair haven't arrived in stores (yet) so lets hope these eventually will. We hope we can report more Spielwarenmesse news these days. Quite exciting isn't it?

Thanks to Tomo for the heads up!

Squishy Pops Sweet Shop Display Set
A few months ago we reported that Tech 4 Kids was planning to release a new line called "Squishy Pops" of course we all know this line now but at that time we also posted the concept art of the Sweet Shop Display Set. (we had to remove it though) Now after some waiting, it seems like it finally hit the stores as this one was found at Toys'R'Us

As you can see the packaging has been themed around Cutie Mark Magic instead of Rainbow Power like the prototype image we saw at that time. The design of the product itself didn't change much however! You can stick a Squishy Pop on the building, and then you can let her slide down! The picture shows that Pinkie Pie will be included with this playset.

Thanks a lot to Torrie for the heads up!

Tech 4 Kids Squishy Pops Wave 2
A lot of you people have noticed that the first wave of Tech 4 Kids Squishy Pops line is already out. The first wave of these figures contains all of the mane six characters. But as you all saw the box featured a lot more characters like the CMC and Lyra. It turns out these will all be part of wave 2 according to Toy Reviews for You

This also wraps an end to the whole CMC Cutie Mark speculation thingie that was going on. It seems like the first designs were only prototypes and the final versions features the names of the CMC Characters instead of their "cutie marks". We hope these will arrive in stores soon!

Thanks to MiaandZoe Weller for the heads up!

MLP Squishy Pop Figures
Some of you might remember the post about the Squishy Pops from a few weeks ago with the possible Cutie Marks for the CMC. It caused quite some chaos since no one knew if the Cutie Marks were just used from earlier concept arts, or if they were going to be the real thing.

Now one of our readers did find out that Tech4Kids has changed the designs on their website. Instead of a Cutie Mark they now come with a tag that just says their name (see image below), however some of the boxes on eBay still show the earlier version with the Cutie Marks. So for those being able to buy some, do they come with a Cutie Mark charm or the ones with their name? Please feel free to let us know.

Thanks to exe_cute for the heads up!

Squishy Pops Box CMC Cutie Marks
Note: This post and images contain possible spoilers.
Readers who have been with us for some might now our report on the Squishy Pop figures that we found a while back, being produced by the same company that also produces the Fash'ems figures.
The first figures are being spotted on eBay and the official release will probably be soon, but we've seen something odd! The charms of all the ponies display their cutie marks. There's the Mane 6, Bon Bon (Sweetie Drops), Lyra, Trixie and... the Cutie Mark Crusaders! And the CMC all have charms with cutie marks on them as well!
Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle have cutie marks that are pretty similar to their cutie marks from G3., but Apple Bloom has been introduced in G4, so her cutie mark is completely new.
Now the real question raises: Are they real? Tech4Kids could have made up the cutie marks because they needed something for the charms. The fact that the release of these toys and season 5 are so close to each other might mean that Tech4Kids had to delay the release because of possible spoilers for season 5.