MLP Holly Dash Rainbow Power BrushableMLP Holly Dash Rainbow Power Brushable
The new line of Rainbow Power single brushables has been a topic of discussion for the last few months as they appeared in the UK, Asia and Canada over 2 months ago and the US is still waiting for their release. We finally see some action on Hasbro's side with an official listing of the Holly Dash Brushable at HasbroToyShop. Before that we've only seen an unavailable listing at Amazon of her. The listing at Hasbro's own webshop lacks a release date, but at least this is an indication that this wave of brushables will not be an international exclusive wave, something that many feared. We expect to see an actual release date soon and hopefully store releases too!
The listing over at HasbroToyShop also states that she is 'Available in US Only', which is ironic, but probably means that she will not be shipped outside of the US from HasbroToyShop.
This brushable ponies wave also contains Rarity, but she has not been listed yet.
MLP Rarity Rainbow Power BrushableMLP Rarity Rainbow Power Brushable


  1. I Have Seen Her in stores

  2. i have her right now in my shelf tho she was at tru for 7.99

    1. Is holly dash available at target or walmart yet?

    2. IN UK Ossie and Amy i think

  3. oh god ! I odered her from UK but not signs yet :D lol. I 'm waiting her so long. now I must refresh the page 1000times in a day. I'm going to buy 2 one. 1 for keep 1 for play :D lol. my new top pony ! after Snowcatcher,Fluttershy and Minty !

  4. coming soon page is removed. :\ I don't know its good sign?