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Rainbow Power Holly Dash BrushableRainbow Power Rarity Brushable
 Our enthusiasm might have been a bit too early when 4 days ago we posted that Holly Dash has been listed on the HasbroToyShop website. 2 Days after this listing she has been removed completely and can't be found anymore. We even waited another day to see if she'd return, but sadly she didn't.
Oddly enough she is still listed on the Hasbro.com website, but that simply states that she is not available online and redirects you to a generic store finder. Her Amazon US listing is still up as well.
The sudden removal of her listing gives only more doubt about whether she and Rainbow Power Rarity will stay international exclusive figures, as they have been out for months.

We'll let you know as soon as we have more info!
(Thanks to Jorje for the heads-up!)

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  1. its is very sad and odd. :\ thanks go I ordered Holly Dash from Uk and she is in transit now. but I really want second one. :\