My Little Pony Apple Family
Disclaimer: We are still not sure if these are brushables or Hasbro Pop Ponies. That's because of the box measurements we noticed. They are too small for an Equestria Girls.

Ah well in addition to all the new Apple Ponies we saw on Amazon yesterday it seems more have been listed! Have a look at them below. We don't have images or any other information yet.

My Little Pony Apple Munchies Doll

She looks cute. :)
Apple Munchies

My Little Pony Apple Strudel Doll

Wow... if they indeed for this Apple Strudel. I think this will be hilarious and so awesome!

Apple Strudel

My Little Pony Apple Fritter Doll

Apple Fritter is one of Ossie's favourite BG Ponies. I do agree with him. He already told me he want this toy badly. (I want Flam)
Apple Fritter
We also have some announced playsets as well!

My Little Pony Apple Bloom and Babs Seed Playset

Seems like Apple Bloom will be bundles with her cousin Babs Seed. No information on what kind of Playset this will be. 

My Little Pony Applejack Playset

Seems like Applejack will get a new Playset

My Little Pony Big Mac Playset

Does this mean we will get the first Brushable of Big Mac? I sure hope so!


  1. I want this was brushables but I think its pop ponies

    1. The stated product sizes don't fit Pop ponies tho.

  2. Eu acum 2 luni lam visat pe Big Mac cu par dar nu credeam co so fie real vreodata

  3. Even though I dislike babs I bet her toy would be adorable. I really want apple fritter.

  4. I seen a video on YouTube from the London toy fair which showed a big Mac pop pony so thinking probably pop ponies

    1. I hope it's a brushable, but POP sounds more logical with the Toy Fair sightings indeed. We'll know for sure what they are when we get some images :)

  5. I hope they are brushible ponies i really want Apple fritter

  6. amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I don't like the pop ponies! I want brushables *cries forever**

  8. Babs seed family