Blind Bag Wave 13 Chase Figures of Candy Apples, Mosely Orange, Apple Bottoms, Lavender Fritter and Apple Bumpkin
Wave 13 is officially revealed for now. It will be a combined wave of transculent glitter and regular Blind Bag Ponies. The difference between this wave and previous ones is the fact that we now get a total of 5 chase figures instead of the regular 3. This time the chase figures are all members of the apple family. On the image above you can see them all. The characters are (from left to right)

- Candy Apples
- Mosely Orange
- Apple Bottoms
- Lavender Fritter
- Apple Bumpkin

As you can see Apple Bottoms will receive a brand new mold as well! It looks very good in my opinion.


  1. Love all the new molds and things that they are making! They really make the ponies look better than a generic recolor.

  2. However what is a chase figure? Besides of being a collectable blind bags pone?

  3. Love the new molds i can't wait to buy them

  4. Mosley orange again? this would be like my 5th one xD

  5. I think that they always use the same molds for every pony, they don't change the molds like went you see them on the card inserted. That will be great if they change the molds, I just been a new collector for this mini figures, I have all of the wave 12 and sure that the wave 13 I well also collect.....