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MLP Wave 13 Blind Bag Box
...That is the question. Right, time for a little bit of intro for this weird title: The Wave 13 blind bags have been released in Europe, which is of course great news. And as you might have read in the past half year or so, blind bags are now being released with see-through plastic windows in the back of the bag so you can spot the contents.
Strangely enough, some European released boxes of Wave 13 blind bags contain bags without any see-through plastic, while some others do. It could be that the non-clear bags are simply production errors, or that the first (few) production runs didn't punch holes in the plastic and that in later releases this was fixed (we would have to check production codes for that).
What we do know is that by far most of the releases in other countries have clear windows, so it's most probably that they are supposed to have the windows. If you spot blind bags without a clear window you can use the Wave 13 blind bag codes and this technique to predict the contents of the bags.
Thanks to Ayu for the info!

And it seems like a new commercial has arrived. Here we have the commercial for the very popular Friendship is Magic Collection figures. Looks kinda cute with the whole scenery. In the end you can also see the chase figures for the wave 13 and wave 14 blind bags.

Thanks to Spazz DHN for the video! You can watch it below or on Youtube.

Wave 13 Blind Bags
While Wave 13 was already spotted in the UK as Wave 13A and Wave 13B, we can now also confirm that the 13th wave of blind bag figures has been released in the US. At least Target and Walmart have been releasing Wave 13 in various stores, but no sign of Toys"R"Us at the moment.
For more information on the ponies and codes of the bags, see our Wave 13 Blind Bag Codes post.
Credits go to catstrawberryful for the images!

Wave 13B Blind Bags Released in the UK
Back in the days when the first 12-pony sets were released in the UK, it took quite a while before the second part of the wave was released. Now it seems that Hasbro releases them at (almost) the same time, as Wave 13B has been spotted at Tesco, 3 days after the initial finds of Wave 13A.
Thanks to Victor, we now have images of the second blind bag, and as you can see: There is no window to spot the pony! This means that it's necessary to read the codes again, and we have them below (Although we're not sure what code-sequence they use, at least the order of ponies is correct):

MLP Wave 13 Blind Bags
The 13th wave of My Little Pony Blind Bag figures has been released in the UK. The wave 13 blind bags have been spotted at Morrisons, a UK based supermarket chain. Once again the UK releases this wave in two parts of 12 figures each, so it's expected to be only Wave 13A that's available now. Once Claire's starts to sell these in the UK it won't take long before other European countries will get a stock of Wave 13A in their Claire's stores as well.
Thanks to SETC for the info!

All About MLP Merch - Wave 13 Blind Bag Codes
Only a few days ago we've spotted the blind bags and box for the Wave 13 Blind Bags, and with the help of this Amazon listing, we now know what the codes will be! Even though you can use the clear window in the back of the bags to see who's inside, a poll we held a few month ago shows that people are still using the codes. So far the blind bags have not been spotted in stores, but when they do you can use our MLP Blind Bag Database to figure out the codes and names of all the ponies in Wave 13! You can of course also use this image made by Ilona.

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Transparent Peachy Pie Blind Bag
On eBay these 2 blind bag characters that originate from the Pony Collection Set have been spotted on eBay. The new blind bags are fully transparent and, unlike the Wave 13 Blind Bags, do not have embedded glitter. It's remarkable that new ponies are already being spotted, while official images of Wave 13 have only just been released. For now we have no clue what set these figures will be in, as it could be a hint to Wave 14 or a possible re-design of the Pony Collection Set or other special set.
We hope to find more info on these figures soon or any other blind bags with the same design to get a better feeling of what release they'll see. Stay tuned!
Thanks to VioletCLM for the info!

MLP Blind Bag Wave 13 Ponies and Bag
2 Days ago we have spotted the box of the wave 13 blind bags online. But since today the Entertainment Earth listings now also have images. This time we get a good look at the blind bags inside this set and the way the bags look. It's unclear if they have a window at the back or not.

Wave 13 Blind Bags (6 bags)
Wave 13 Blind Bags (whole case)

MLP Blind Bag Wave 13 Box

It became quite quiet around the world of Blind Bags. Since the NY Toy Fair we never heard anything about the 13th wave of the series.
But it seems like you can pre-order wave 13 now on Entertainment Earth. You can choose to order 6 random packs for $16.99 or buy the whole case for $69.99. They will be available this August. No word about the codes yet and if they have a window again. We will of course provide information when we have figured them out.

Wave 13 Blind Bags (6 bags)
Wave 13 Blind Bags (whole case)

This wave consist of  24 ponies total. Most of the ponies will be translucent with glitter inside their bodies. There will be also 5 chase characters who are just normal colored.

The characters in this set are:
(???) Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Bitta Luck, Rainbow Shine, Golden Grape
Rainbow Dash, Ribbon Heart, Sprinkle Stripe, Berry Punch, Sea Swirl, Lovestruck
Meadow Song, Fluttershy, Cherry Berry, Lyra Heartstrings, Noteworthy, Lucky Dreams, Pinkie Pie, Ribbon Wishes
Lavender Fritter, Apple Bumpkin, Candy Apples, Apple Bottoms, Mosely Orange

Blind Bag Wave 13 Chase Figures of Candy Apples, Mosely Orange, Apple Bottoms, Lavender Fritter and Apple Bumpkin
Wave 13 is officially revealed for now. It will be a combined wave of transculent glitter and regular Blind Bag Ponies. The difference between this wave and previous ones is the fact that we now get a total of 5 chase figures instead of the regular 3. This time the chase figures are all members of the apple family. On the image above you can see them all. The characters are (from left to right)

- Candy Apples
- Mosely Orange
- Apple Bottoms
- Lavender Fritter
- Apple Bumpkin

As you can see Apple Bottoms will receive a brand new mold as well! It looks very good in my opinion.