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Friendship is Magic Collection Now Officially on Amazon
While Amazon did have the Friendship is Magic Collection listed for a few weeks, most of the listings were ran by 3rd party sellers, and those listed by Amazon did have a very low stock. Until now! All sets have their correct price and stock, plus the bigger sets are on sale now as well!

Single Packs

Figure Packs
Story Packs
Ultimate Story Packs

Wave 13 Blind Bags
While Wave 13 was already spotted in the UK as Wave 13A and Wave 13B, we can now also confirm that the 13th wave of blind bag figures has been released in the US. At least Target and Walmart have been releasing Wave 13 in various stores, but no sign of Toys"R"Us at the moment.
For more information on the ponies and codes of the bags, see our Wave 13 Blind Bag Codes post.
Credits go to catstrawberryful for the images!

MLP Wave 13 Blind Bags
The 13th wave of My Little Pony Blind Bag figures has been released in the UK. The wave 13 blind bags have been spotted at Morrisons, a UK based supermarket chain. Once again the UK releases this wave in two parts of 12 figures each, so it's expected to be only Wave 13A that's available now. Once Claire's starts to sell these in the UK it won't take long before other European countries will get a stock of Wave 13A in their Claire's stores as well.
Thanks to SETC for the info!

All About MLP Merch - Wave 13 Blind Bag Codes
Only a few days ago we've spotted the blind bags and box for the Wave 13 Blind Bags, and with the help of this Amazon listing, we now know what the codes will be! Even though you can use the clear window in the back of the bags to see who's inside, a poll we held a few month ago shows that people are still using the codes. So far the blind bags have not been spotted in stores, but when they do you can use our MLP Blind Bag Database to figure out the codes and names of all the ponies in Wave 13! You can of course also use this image made by Ilona.

Super Speedy Squeezy 6000
And we finally found the stock images of the upcoming Friendship is Magic Collection! It seems that we have the whole first Apple Family series now, so scroll on down and enjoy the beautiful figures that you can find in stores later this year (towards fall).
(We'll add these figures with packaging to the databases later!)

Blind Bag Wave 13 Chase Figures of Candy Apples, Mosely Orange, Apple Bottoms, Lavender Fritter and Apple Bumpkin
Wave 13 is officially revealed for now. It will be a combined wave of transculent glitter and regular Blind Bag Ponies. The difference between this wave and previous ones is the fact that we now get a total of 5 chase figures instead of the regular 3. This time the chase figures are all members of the apple family. On the image above you can see them all. The characters are (from left to right)

- Candy Apples
- Mosely Orange
- Apple Bottoms
- Lavender Fritter
- Apple Bumpkin

As you can see Apple Bottoms will receive a brand new mold as well! It looks very good in my opinion.

MLP Wave 11A UK Blind Bag Codes
The just released wave 11 blind bags have made their way to the UK, again in the form of two separate sets. Right now Wave 11A is available at Tesco and somewhere in 2015 the other half of the set will be released.
Every UK blind bag set as of Wave 8 has been split into two sets of 12, each with other blind bag codes as the other releases. That's why it's important to recheck all codes and make them public. With help from xRoxieRarwx and Dead-Pon3 the list is now complete, and we've found an image of the UK-exclusive bag too (see above)!
Below is the list of blind bags in wave 11A with their blind bag codes. The codes have also been added to our Blind Bag Database. If you want more info on how you can use the codes to see what's inside a blind bag without opening it, read our guide: How To Use MLP Blind Bag Codes (Blind Bag Cheats).

All About MLP Merch Masterpost on Wave 11 Blind Bags + Codes
After only a day after reporting on the listings of the upcoming Wave 11 Blind Bag figures, we've already found images of the collector cards, that helped us find the figure order! Now as you might now, the figure order (from 1 to 24) has always been the same order as the code on the bags. It's very likely that the collector card numbers ones again correspond with the codes on the bag.

EDIT: Do you live in the UK? Check out the codes for the Wave 11A Blind Bags!

Below you can see the figure order and corresponding blind bag codes:

Wave 11 Blind Bag BoxWave 11 Blind Bag Wrap
We're finally seeing some official listings of the upcoming wave 11 blind bag set. Toywiz and EntertainmentEarth both created listings for the set and speculate a bit about the exact release date, but it will be around September/October, so not too long! We are not 100% on the codes yet, and we'll do our best to get them ASAP!
If you happen to find cards or codes anywhere, please send them to: 
For now we have detailed images of all wave 11 blind bag figures (in alphabetical order) for you below:

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Sunset Shimmer and Candy Apples Blind Bag Figures

We finally have a new photo of the Sunset Shimmer, Candy Apples and two unknown blind bags that we saw at the New York Toy Fair. Seeing 4 of these blind bags pop-up together on Taobao could mean that wave 11 production has started, especially since the two unknown blind bags don't seem special enough for a 3-figure blind bag box release. I hope to see more blind bags appear soon so we could start to fill the list for the next wave of blind bags!

Detailed photos after the cut!