Cutie Mark Magic Fashion Style Fluttershy with Remote Control Scooter Found
It seems like some new Fashion Style Ponies are one the way! This time we've found an image of a Cutie Mark Magic Themed Fluttershy Fashion Style Pony on a remote controlled scooter. We haven't seen remote controlled items in a while. As you can see the Fashion Style still have their old wing design but something that's also interesting is the fact that they use Fluttershy's old eye design again. Another interesting fact is that the scooter itself is quite old. The exact same scooter and remote were used in the G3 line as well.
We hope we can see more of her next week during the NY Toy Fair!

Thanks to Tomo for the heads up!


  1. Interesting, Fluttershy's kickin' it oldschool! ;D Sorry, I couldn't help myself.

    Also, do you know where I could find those EG dolls with molded hair? Dollar stores, right? Thanks!

    1. Yep, I believe the store was called Dollar Tree or Dollar General :)

    2. Dollar General saw them there

  2. This is just a repaint of the G3 Scootaloo RC Scooter playset (I have that but I lost the Scootaloo pony and the scooter) with a Fluttershy from G4 on it. Similar to that Target exclusive Pinkie Pie's Boutique car, it was only a repaint from the G3 car with baby Cheerilee and her mom.

  3. Yay for scooter and Fluttershy's original eyes!!!

  4. The exact same scooter and remote were used in the G3 line as well. dig this