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Cutie Mark Magic Sunny & Pipp Available for Pre-Order on Amazon

About a month ago a new line of Cutie Mark Magic (not to be confused with the 2014 line) toys were revealed on a UK wholesale website, introducing new single ponies with brushable tails and Hoof to Heart accessories. Now Amazon has listed the first batch, consisting of Sunny and Pipp, up for pre-order.

Cutie Mark Magic Name Returns For New Set of Figures
Earlier today we wrote about the new See Your Sparkle Izzy figure, but apparently that wasn't all for today! Just a couple of hours later the same website now also lists a set of 4 "Cutie Mark Magic" ponies.

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MLP:CCG Marks in Time Comes With New Pack DrafterMLP:CCG Marks in Time Comes With New Pack Drafter
The MLP:CCG newest addition Marks in Time is available for pre-order on ToyWiz. While it was expected to see more about this set around this time, we are actually surprised by the new release type: Pack Drafters. These packs are a replacement for the starter decks and will help players to create a base for their deck for a smaller price. Because for $9.99 you get 2 Marks in Time booster packs and 2 booster packs from the previous two sets, which is already a good deal. But the pack also include 2 additional special foil cards, CMC starter cards and Kevin (Fitting In) with an alternative print. While I doubt that one pack will get you enough for a single 2-color deck, it will at least get you started with the card game.
And of course you can also get the regular booster packs or a booster box.

- MLP:CCG Marks in Time Booster Box - $89.99
- MLP:CCG Marks in Time Pack Drafter - $9.99

And for those who want to attend the pre-release events: the individual events will be held between June 3rd and June 5th in the United States and Canada, while other countries will see events in the two weeks after that.

MLP Cutie Mark Magic Rarity Fashion Style Brushable found at Target AustraliaMLP Cutie Mark Magic Rainbow Dash Fashion Style Brushable found at Target Australia
We first saw these new Fashion Styles during the New York Toy Fair last year. So far Coco Pommel and Pinkie Pie have been released but we never heard a word again of the Rainbow Dash and Rarity one... until now.
By the looks of it these have finally and unexpectedly been released at Target Australia. You can get them both for $20 AUD. So far we haven't found any online listings yet which means we're still missing some good images for our database.
It's also unsure if other countries will get these as well. I feel like these are kinda like the Fashion Style Flower Wishes and Applejack from the Rainbow Power line. Eventually they arrived in several countries much later.

It's still strange to see these ones pop up so late but at least they are released which I'm glad about. If you spot these elsewhere feel free to let us know.

Thanks to Tulips for the heads up and for the images!

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MLP Merch Poll #62MLP Merch Poll #61 Results
We skipped a week because of the holiday season, but are now back with the last poll and poll results for 2015!
Last time we asked you if you were all set up with your Christmas presents for this year. I wasn't expecting such high numbers, but actually 93% of the respondents was celebrating Christmas with gifts this year! It was pretty evenly divided (39%) whether people finished their shopping or were almost done. And on top of that another 16% was still planning for some last-minute gifts, which means that the majority of you had to face a deadline last week! We hope all the gifts made it to your house in time and everyone had a merry Christmas this year!

The My Little Pony Christmas Gifts Guide 2015
It's the end of the year again, and that means Holday Season! We from All About MLP Merch have decided to write a special post to help everyone with their My Little Pony shopping during this time of the year. Whether you're looking for stocking stuffers, new or popular presents, we've got it all covered in this My Little Pony Christmas Gifts Guide!
Navigation: What's Hot? - What's New? - Stocking Stuffers - Our T-shirts - Create a Wishlist

MLP Merch Poll #55MLP Merch Poll #54 Results
Last week we asked you whether you have any My Little Pony apparel. By far the most of you have official MLP apparel (almost 70%), 28% of those also own fan-made apparel and another 5% own only fan-made apparel. 8% of you are going to buy something in the future and the final 18% does not own or want any MLP-related clothing.

MLP Cutie Mark Magic Pony Collection
Pretty soon it will be the end for the Cutie Mark Magic line as we're going to move on to the Explore Equestria Line. So this might be one of the last Cutie Mark Magic sets to be released. This Pony Collection set has been found on the Smyths website and it comes with seven different ponies. Applejack, Cheerilee, Fluttershy, Lyra, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and Rarity. They each come with a comb as well. First I thought these are the same ones as the bagged brushable ones but looking at their eyes confirms they are just regular ones as they have more detail.

It has been listed here for £29.99. So far this set isn't released yet but according to their website it should be available between 9 and 16 November 2015

DIY Rainbow Dash Pillow Kit
We believe we've spotted this a few days on eBay too, but now there's an official Amazon listing for this DIY Rainbow Dash pillow kit too. The kit comes with a 10" pillowcase, which you can decorate and fill with the included decorative felt, gems and fluff. This kit is manufactured by Canal Toys, which we know of the Doll Pens, found earlier this month.
Browsing their website also shows a set with 3 of these kits for Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie (see image below), so I expect all 3 to be available loose as well.
Amazon just sold the last unit while I was writing this post, so you'd need to have some patience for more stock. Perhaps some stores sell these as well, but we have no confirmation for that at the moment.

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Rolling Sweets Cart Set Released as Kohl's Exclusive
The Rolling Sweets Cart set was actually found three months ago on Taobao, complete with Kohl's Exclusive sticker and all information. But now this set is actually popping up in Kohl's stores around the US! Sadly the set will cost you $34.99, which is quite an amount, especially if you're just looking for one or two of the ponies. However, if you like the ponies, cart and accessories all together, this might be a nice set for you to own (it's also one of the largest non-castle boxes I've seen).
We expect that this is one of the last Cutie Mark Magic sets to be released in stores, as Explore Equestria will soon take its place in stores.
Thanks to Lauren for the photo!