Friendship Celebration App Display and Rarity
Hasbro has confirmed the release of the Friendship Celebration and Equestria Girls app for Jun 2015. In a video posted by Inside The Magic, Hasbro confirms all information we knew so far about the codes: Practically all ponies and doll releases will get codes on their hooves and necklaces, and those figures can be unlocked in the game after scanning their codes.
There are however a few new things that we learned:
  • Hasbro calls the codes 'Zappar codes', which is weird as the company responsible for the codes, Zappar, calls them Zapcodes.
  • The Canterlot Castle Playset will actually come with 7 different Zapcodes to interact with the game.
  • Single brushables have been confirmed to have Zapcodes too!

With all this information I'm getting really excited to see the app! We still have no clue on what the app will do precisely, so we'd have to wait a bit longer until the teasers will appear!

Thanks to Inside The Magic for the video and Cody The Maverick for showing it to us!


  1. https://derpicdn.net/img/2015/2/15/829023/thumb.jpg
    New brushable?

  2. I hope it's a fashion app like the pony version.

  3. I hope this brushable will actually exist, because I think I will do a At The Gala toy version.

    1. NVM I found out it's a fashion style pony.

  4. When does it come out