MLP Cutie Mark Magic Commercial
Hasbro has officially started to promote their latest releases in the US with specialized commercials for the Glamour Glow Rarity, Cutie Mark Magic Ponies, Charm Carriage and Rockin' Hairstyle Dolls. The Cutie Mark Magic commercials are what you expect from a commercial, but the Rockin' Hairstyle video only shows 6 girls dressed like the dolls, introducing a sing-along song, but without actually showing the dolls. Perhaps the video will later be edited for TV.
The Cutie Mark Magic Charm Carriage + Singles video shows all the regular wave 1 ponies, so still no sign of a Rarity CMM single!
These are not all the CMM releases of the moment, as we're still missing the POP ponies, Water Cuties, Charm Wings and Fashion Styles, but maybe Hasbro will create separate videos for them later.
Thanks to madamepomnews and carwyynx for the info!
Anyway, if you'd like to watch those videos, we've embedded them all below, enjoy!


  1. Ok first of all i haven't seen the commercials yet for cutie Mark magic merch And another thing my walmart has no cutie Mark magic merchandise in yet hope Hasbro airs these commerials soon.

  2. Nice but Rarity should be a release and on commercials :(