Friendship is Magic Collection Ultimate Story Pack with Granny Smith and Red Gala
So a lot of you have been wondering what exactly the announced Apple Family figures are. First we thought dolls, then we thought brushables. But in the end it turns out they are all Blind Bags. Don't be sad tough because in my opinion. They are gorgeous! For example take out that awesome barn that comes with Red Gala and Granny Smith. It will retail for about $19.99. Remember that no release dates are known yet.

All these images were found on the investor website of Hasbro. Thanks to Wardah for the heads up!

Friendship is Magic Collection Story Packs
Above we have the story packs listed for $2.99 each according to this post we wrote. You might think that's a low price but all these figures had separate listings on Amazon as well so I guess these will be sold separately. Notice that all of them have unique molds. They are so great!

Friendship is Magic Collection Accessoire Pack
Above here we have the story packs with accessories each retailing for $4.99 each. 4 sets are displayed her. Look at that cute sleeping Applejack! The babies Sweet Tooth and Apple Flora are also really cutie but Sweet Tooth's neck looks strange...

Friendship is Magic Collection Larger Accessoire Pack
And at last we have the larger story packs who are $9.99 each. You can choose between the Sweet Apple Cider Stand which comes with Applejack or the Super Speedy Cider Squeeze 6000 with Flim. Now you can replay the episode. (just... give me that Super Speedy Cider Squeeze 6000...)


  1. I think her neck looks strange because it is removeable, all tthose figures seems to have detachable stuff to remove the clothing pieces.

  2. Wow, these look so amazing! I hope they're released in Belgium/Holland as well!

  3. In some ways I'm unhappy because I only buy brushables and therefore won't be getting these. In other ways I'm happy,because it doesn't make my custom Big Mac or Babs Seed obsolete, and it doesn't mean more stuff I have to buy.

  4. POOOOO I thought they would be brushables!!!

    1. The prices made it obvious they wouldn't be brushables. The prices for some things were as low as 2.99. With brushables, that'll just get you one figure with no accessories.

  5. That Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 looks so boss.

  6. Omg i can't believe it the Apple family blind bag figures i can't wait to buy them all. :)

  7. They're beautiful! I hope they'll appear in Poland!

  8. OH MY GOD!!! That Sweet Apple Acres barn!! D: