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My Little Pony G1 Twice-a-Fancy Pony Items at the Reject Shop
Since MLPMerch will be an all-gen website soon I think it's right to also start blogging about any new "retro merch". Australian Dollar-Store The Reject Shop is now selling some awesome Twice-as-Fancy Pony Items. Items range from plates, mugs, placemats, lunch boxes and much more! The ponies featured on the designs are Love Melody, Sugarberry and Sweet Tooth.

MLP Friendship is Magic Collection Found at TRU
Yesterday we reported that the Barn from the Friendship is Magic Collection has been found at Toys'R'Us. Today we got a submission with pictures of the Small and Single Story Packs found at Toys'R'us San Antonio, TX. This means the FiM collection is now released in the US. However I still would recommend to call your store first before you go out there.

Happy hunting! Thanks a lot to Matthew for the heads up!

Small Storytelling Pack Sleeping Applejack
Several new items have been released on Amazon! You can now get the Archery Fluttershy and Applejack Friendship Games dolls and you can get some Storytelling sets from the brand new Friendship is Magic collection as well!

Have the listings below together with the prices!

Friendship Games:

Friendship is Magic Collection:

Friendship is Magic Collection Ultimate Story Pack with Granny Smith and Red Gala
So a lot of you have been wondering what exactly the announced Apple Family figures are. First we thought dolls, then we thought brushables. But in the end it turns out they are all Blind Bags. Don't be sad tough because in my opinion. They are gorgeous! For example take out that awesome barn that comes with Red Gala and Granny Smith. It will retail for about $19.99. Remember that no release dates are known yet.

All these images were found on the investor website of Hasbro. Thanks to Wardah for the heads up!


A lot of new items have been listed on Amazon! And quite a lot of Apple Family Dolls/Brushables have been listed! So Much that we decided to post about them all together. We have no accurate descriptions yet and no pictures or other information. So we need to get all the information out of the title of the listing. Have a look at them all below. We are not sure if these will be Brushables or Equestria girls but we guess they will be Brushables. I guess they will be part of a new (exclusive) line. What do you think?