MLP Ice Cube Tray
I'm not sure whether this was ever release before, but I gotta have it! This is a My Little Pony-shaped ice cube tray, full of pony designs and even the MLP logo to cool down your drink. The image used in the listing is still a render, but so far we can see the mane 6, spike and the MLP logo.
The ice cube tray is available as pre-order at Entertainment Earth for $9.99, with a release date in May.
ICUP, the manufacturer of this ice cube tray, seems to be new to MLP merchandise, but has loads of experience with other brand and seems to release a lot of bar and kitchen related items. Perhaps we'll hear more from them in the future when it comes to MLP merch!
Make your own Ponies with the My Little Pony Silicone Ice Cube Tray! This pink tray molds ice, gelatin, chocolate, and more into the shape of adorable Ponies. What fun!


  1. OMG HASBRO U SHOULD MAKE EVERYTHING MLP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I could use an mlp ice cube tray that's very cool��