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Friendship is Magic #29 Cover AFriendship is Magic #29 Cover B
 And we also have another comic that has been released! This time we have #29 of the main FIM Series. This one focuses on Cheerilee and her sister. Right now there are 4 covers available. The Cover A version by J. P. Fosgitt, the Cover B Variant made by Kathryn Longua, the RI variant made by S. Bis and at last the Hot Topic Variant made by Tony Fleecs (not listed yet on website.)

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Release date: March 4, 2015
Pages: 32
Writer: Ted Anderson
Artist: Jay P. Fosgitt
Publisher: IDW
Summary: Cheerilee gets a visit from her sister who happens to be one of the most famous wrestlers in Equestria! A long-simmering grudge between the siblings threatens to explode unless Rarity and friends can figure out a way for the two to mend hurt feelings.
Friendship is Magic #29 Hot Topic Cover Friendship is Magic #29 RI Cover

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