Fiendship is Magic #1 (Sombra) Cover AFiendship is Magic #1 (Sombra) Subscription Cover
IDW has officially released the first issue of their brand new comic mini-series 'Fiendship is Magic'. The series will have 5 comics and 1 bundle, being released over the coming month. In this first issue we follow Sombra and how he turned evil. You can get the comic right now in your local comic store, or online on Amazon: Regular Cover - Subscription Cover
This issue of the Fiendship is Magic comic has 4 covers with the regular cover, subscription cover, rare RI cover and an exclusive variant for the FanExpo.
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Fiendship is Magic #1 (Sombra) Cover RIFiendship is Magic #1 (Sombra) FanExpo Variant Cover

The Fiendship is Magic series is a mini comic series by IDW that will be released throughout this month with a total of 5 comics and 1 bundled paperback.


  1. the art work on the comics are amazing

  2. I just watched the premiere of MLP Season 5 and it was awesome! If Starlight Glimmer returns, she needs to reform so she can be a good pony like Sunset Shimmer! Because of this, Starlight Glimmer is the best pony.