MLP Elan Polo Rainbow Dash Sock Top Slippers
For those who have seen the new episode: Tank was wearing some adorable Rainbow Dash Slippers! But do you know these actually exist? That's right, a company called Elan Polo has made them! These are designed for toddler/small girls but what if you perhaps have a life-size tank plush? Wouldn't it be awesome if he wears these? Or what of your real turtle wears them? (I don't know if it's actually a good idea to try that...)

Ah well, if you're interested in them, here's the Amazon listing!
You can get it on Amazon in 3 different sizes:  Small = 5/6; Medium = 7/8; Large = 9/10; XLarge = 11/12

MLP Tanks for the Memories Screenshot


  1. So cute! Even though those animated look cuter :D
    It would be cool if they made Tank slippers as well. Seeing RD wearing them was so cute... <3

  2. Very very cute ❤