MLP Funko Rainbow Dash Entertainment Earth Exclusive Metallic Funko Hikari Figure
We first spotted them at the NY Toy Fair 2015 but after that it became quite quiet around them... until now as 2 versions have been listed on Entertainment Earth. First up we have the original Hikari figure and the metallic version which will be an Entertainment Earth Exclusive.  To ask you question what a Hikari means:
What is Funko Hikari ?
Hikari, meaning ‘light’, is a highly collectible line of clear Sofubi Vinyl Figures.
These will be ultra-limited and piece runs will range from 500pcs-5000pcs depending on the treatment. Each Hikari piece will include a hand numbered card to prove authenticity and rarity.
You can pre-order them for $79.99 each. The original version will be available this June, the metallic version will come in September. We will keep you updated when the other ones are being listed. Be fast because there will be only 700 of the original one and 250 of the metallic one!


MLP Funko Rainbow Dash original Funko Hikari Figure


  1. They looked cool at the Toy fair but in these pictures I don't really like these rainbow dashes anymore

  2. Aaaaaaand they're already sold out? Welp, good thing I didn't really want one, never 100% pleased with Funko designs anymore. (Do they seriously not know what the colour orange is? Her name is Rainbow Dash, get it right!)

  3. I agree with the orange color thing. I really wanted one but when I saw that you could only get it on Entertainment Earth, I said NO THANKS!. I rather buy one off eBay for $200. Do you remember when they released the MLP 4 Deminsion plush pre-orders for the Fluttershy? I ordered one with the original ship date in MARCH! Next it was changed to April. Then May. AND NOW JUNE??? WHATS NEXT?!?!? DECEMBER?!?!?!?!?!?! Entertainment Earth never promises there dates correctly. I refuse to buy off that website.

    1. It's actually not EE's Fault. Several other websites keep changing the release dates like Big Bad Toy Store. They simply don't get the plushies from 4th Dimension.

  4. Oh. Well then I blame 4D.