Friendship is Magic Collection at Target
Two of the brand new MLP series, Friendship Games Dolls and Friendship is Magic Collection mini figures, have been released at Target this week. So far at least the first wave of School Spirit dolls have been spotted and the Friendship is Magic Single Story Packs and Barn.
Prices you see in the images seem to be incorrect, so check your local Target for the correct price!
Thanks to Eva and Lexi for the info and images!

Friendship Games at TargetFriendship Games at Target


  1. Those are not incorrect prices here in the USA. I saw Flam, Applejack with bed and Big Mac with the cart at a local Toys R Us and they were all $4.99. I almost bought the Big Mac buy the figure is the same size as a blind bag one and the apple cart looked cheap. The Applejack one is cute though.

  2. Wow target has the story packs and the barn and the equestria girls friendship games dolls I'm definitely going to target next month ❤

  3. Hahaha. Thanks for removing my comment. Stay classy.

    1. Didn't remove your comment, but the anti-spam filter picked it up for some reason. It's published now :)