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EqG Rollerskater Dolls Available on Amazon UK
While the US is still waiting for the roller skater dolls, they've already appeared on Amazon UK. I'm not sure how long these have been up, but it's a nice reminder for those who are looking for them. Due to the low stock the prices vary per doll, but it's not too bad. Below we have the listings for you, and like to thank Ashini for sending this in!

Equestria Girls: Friendship Games - Roller Skater Rarity

Equestria Girls: Friendship Games - Roller Skater Pinkie Pie

Equestria Girls: Friendship Games - Roller Skater Lemon Zest

Equestria Girls: Friendship Games - Roller Skater Sunny Flare

MLP Sunny Flare Friendship Games Sporty Style Roller Skater Doll
And at last the Roller Skater dolls have now finally been listed on Amazon. Even though the movie is already released for about a month now we didn't hear a lot about the Roller Skater dolls. I even thought they might got canceled. But don't worry! They now have been listed on Amazon. You can't order them yet but we will notify you guys when you can.

What do you think of them? I love all of them! Sunny Flare looks cute with her bows but I also love the face of Rarity and Lemon Zest. I think they did a very great job.

MLP Equestria Girls Friendship Games Sporty Style Deluxe Doll
The official Equestria Girls Website has gotten an update and now includes video's, pictures and more information about the upcoming Friendship Games Movie. Another nice thing is the fact that they showed images of the upcoming Rollerskater Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Lemon Zest and Sunny Flare dolls. Still the image is very small but we can see what they're going to look like!

Have some more images below including the official artwork of the dolls that you see on the back of the packaging! We also included their Bio's.

Friendship is Magic Collection at Target
Two of the brand new MLP series, Friendship Games Dolls and Friendship is Magic Collection mini figures, have been released at Target this week. So far at least the first wave of School Spirit dolls have been spotted and the Friendship is Magic Single Story Packs and Barn.
Prices you see in the images seem to be incorrect, so check your local Target for the correct price!
Thanks to Eva and Lexi for the info and images!

MLP Equestria Girls Friendship Games Flash Sentry and Twilight Sparkle 2-packMLP Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks Lyra Heartstrings Encore/Neon Doll
It seems like the HasbroToyShop has listed a lot of new items! Several Friendship Games dolls are now available for order. Some people might remember the Neon/Encore Cheerilee, Lyra, Sweetie Drops, Roseluck and Amethyst Star Dolls. Well, you can now also order them at last! Below we have all the doll listings together with the price.

Friendship Games Sporty Style Deluxe Twilight Sparkle
A few weeks back we found the first official images of the Friendship Games dolls, and now the first few are already available on Amazon! This includes the first waves of Sporty Style Deluxe and School Spirit dolls. These are the very first dolls to come with Zapcode necklaces, but the Equestria Girls app is not available yet. The Sporty Style Deluxe dolls are $21.99 each and the School Spirit sets are being sold at $14.99. So far I've not heard of any in-store availability, so this might be the first chance to get a Friendship Games doll in the US! (Thanks to jskr76 for the info!)

Below we have all the listings of the currently available dolls:

MLP Sunny Flare Equestria Girls Friendship Games School Spirit Doll
A few months ago we reported about some of the School Spirit Dolls being spotted on Taobao. Then about a week ago, stock images of some of the Archery Dolls and the Flash Sentry and Twilight 2-pack appeared on the Canadian Amazon. Well it seems like some of the School Spirit Dolls were next as we now have stock images of the School Spirit Rarity, Sunny Flare and Lemon Zest dolls.

No other information was given and these 3 were the only ones we found so far. We will give you more info if we know more. Which one of these is your favorite?

MLP Sunny Flare Equestria Girls Friendship Games School Spirit DollMLP Lemon Zest Equestria Girls Friendship Games School Spirit Doll
It has been a bit quiet these days with almost no news regarding the new Friendship Games Dolls. But today, 4 of the 12 School Spirit Dolls have appeared on Taobao. So far we've got Pinkie Pie and Rarity from Canterlot High and Lemon Zest and Sunny Flare who are from the Crystal Prep Academy. (This kinda helps me learn the names of the new dolls) Each doll also comes with the Zapcode Necklace.

We hope the others will soon appear on Taobao as well! We will keep you updated.

Sour Sweet Sporty Style Deluxe Friendship Games Doll
In addition to all the other information we found on the Hasbro Investor Website we've now found more information about some of the new upcoming dolls for the Friendship Games Movie.

As you can see the doll we still don't know who she is. Until now! The file name of this image contains the word "Shadowbolts" which means she will perhaps be the main antagonist of this movie. She will be part of the Sporty Doll Deluxe Line. This line features deluxe sport Themed Dolls. They are 2 versions of this line. A Wondercolt version and a Shadowbolt one. Each doll will retail for $19.99

MLP Equestria Girls: Friendship Games Logo
Along with a few other listings like brushables, a regular playset and POP playset, the first few Equestria Girls: Friendship Games have been listed as well, and it's quite a list! So much in fact that I've split the listings up into a few categories: Archery, Motorcross, Specials and Regular Dolls. There are a lot of new characters included (like Flash Sentry!) and the Archery and Motorcorss themes make me very excited to see final images of all the dolls!