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MLP Merch Poll #54MLP Merch Poll #53 Results
Last week we asked you which Friendship is Magic Collection character you're looking forward to the most. The answers are, for once, very close together with a small win for Rainbow Dash. I think most of you are looking forward to a Cloudsdale-like playset, so Rainbow Dash would be the optimal choice for that! Second place is for Twilight Sparkle, which might feature the library or Canterlot perhaps. Third place is for Fluttershy, which might feature some of her animal buddies and last place is for Rarity. I don't know exactly why Rarity ended last, but perhaps it's because she already has two boutiques.

For our next poll we'd like to know whether you own any My Little Pony apparel. It can be a shirt, dress, socks or anything else. We'd also like to know whether it's licensed or fan made (or perhaps you own both!). Please vote in the poll below, even if you don't have any clothing, and leave a comment below if you'd like to share what you own!
You can find the current poll below or in the side bar on the right of the website, or towards the bottom of the page if you're using a smartphone.

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