MLPMerch.com Nightmare Night Giveaway
In a few weeks it's time for Nightmare Night again, the perfect occasion for a new MLPMerch giveaway! This time we've teamed up with Entertainment Earth to give you a fantastic set of prizes to ponify your Nightmare Night celebration this year!
The winner of this giveaway will receive a total of 6 items:
- Rainbow Dash Laplander Hat (by Elope)
- Rainbow Dash Cutie Mark Patch (by Elope)
- Pinkie Pie Laplander Hat (by Elope)
- Pinkie Pie Cutie Mark Patch (by Elope)
- Rainbow Dash Tin Tote (by Vandor)
- Rainbow Dash Ceramic Goblet (by Vandor)

Want to join? Just like/share our giveaway post on any of the following platforms to join and let us know what your Nightmare Night/Halloween plans are for this year! You're allowed to use all 4 of these methods so using all 4 platforms below will quadruple your chances to win! (Note: This giveaway is for US & CAN residents only)
Note: Be sure that we're able to reach you when you win! On Facebook you might need to check your 'Other'-inbox, on Tumblr you need your ask-box open and Twitter users need to enable direct messaging.
This giveaway will end on Friday the 16th of October so be sure to join before it's too late! We will pick one random winner on that day and contact him/her as soon as possible.
Good luck!


  1. noooooo i hate living in AUS and i love nightmare night :(

  2. I will more than likely dress up eat candy and watch spooky stuff on tv and on youtube

  3. I'm not entering the contest, but for those who enter, want to let any of you know the Dash tin is pretty nice. I picked it up the other day when I found it by accident at a store.

    1. I agree I'm passing on this mlp giveaway too but i have to have that rd tin.

  4. I'm going to pass on this mlp giveaway I'm not a big fan of dressing up on Halloween.

  5. i will dress up and have a party and eat candy

  6. Can I follow you on Pinterest to enter?

  7. Halloween I plan to hang with my daughter and steal her candy.I mean make sure its safe to eat ;P