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New MLP Knee High Socks at Walmart
Two new knee high character socks have been spotted at Walmart, this time manufactured by Elope (remember them from our Halloween special?). Just like two other pairs of socks found some time ago, the Twilight Sparkle socks have wings to show that she really is an alicorn now. While this is of course a cute little gimmick, be aware that wearing boots or long pants won't be ideal with these socks. Of course the Pinkie Pie socks do not feature wings, but they're cute nonetheless.
As seen in the photo the knee high socks are $7.97 per pair and available at Walmart.
Thanks to Joelle for the photo!

Halloween MLP Merch Special
It's almost time for the day of trick or treating: Halloween a.k.a. Nightmare Night! To prepare you for a evening in pony-style we decided to write a special post on My Little Pony Halloween merch. We've selected costumes, accessories and other attribute for the perfect Nightmare Night that are available in the US and are currently marked as in stock, so they arrive in time for October 31st.
The prices we list are the lowest we could find and are based on medium-size or one-size.

Nightmare Night Giveaway Has Ended
The Nightmare Night Giveaway has ended and a Canadian Facebook user won! The winner has received a friendship request and private message from us.
Thank you all once again for joining in this giveaway, we really enjoyed to read all your plans for Halloween and saw some lovely costumes that you've all prepared!

Oh and by the way, the next giveaway will launch next week and that one will be available for people worldwide again!

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Nightmare Night Giveaway
Wow, that was fast! Only ONE more day before our Nightmare Night Giveaway ends! In this giveaway you can win an awesome Nightmare Night kit for your Halloween including two hat + cutie mark sets, a goblet and tin tote!

10 comments Nightmare Night Giveaway
In a few weeks it's time for Nightmare Night again, the perfect occasion for a new MLPMerch giveaway! This time we've teamed up with Entertainment Earth to give you a fantastic set of prizes to ponify your Nightmare Night celebration this year!
The winner of this giveaway will receive a total of 6 items:
- Rainbow Dash Laplander Hat (by Elope)
- Rainbow Dash Cutie Mark Patch (by Elope)
- Pinkie Pie Laplander Hat (by Elope)
- Pinkie Pie Cutie Mark Patch (by Elope)
- Rainbow Dash Tin Tote (by Vandor)
- Rainbow Dash Ceramic Goblet (by Vandor)

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Dj pon-3 Headband by ElopeApplejack Cutie Mark Glitter Patch by Elope
 Entertainment Earth has listed a lot of new clothing accessorizes by Elope. Right now they have 3 fun types of accessories available. Check them all out below!

Rainbow Dash Cosplay Wig
We've already made a post on the hoodies, but upon finding the site of the manufacturer we had to make a post about all the great cosplay items they sell! So far they only sell products related to Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash, but maybe we'll see more characters in the future. These cosplay items are being sold by Entertainment Earth, Target and occasionally pop up at Amazon too. Right now they are slowly coming available at stores, so not all items listed in the post are available just yet.

Below the cut we have all their current products, sorted by type:

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Target has started to sell hoodie hats of Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash. Even though the models wear special gloves and dress, these are not included with the hoodies (they might pop up later at Target). They're 'one size fits most', so both (older) children and adults should be able to wear these. The price is $29.99 each, but right now they're neither being sold online or in stores, they'll probably be available soon.