MLP Queen Chrysalis and Nightmare Moon Funko Vinyl Prototypes
Yesterday a white prototype for a Queen Chrysalis Vinyl was spotted but now Nightmare Moon has also been spotted alongside Queen Chrysalis. These prototypes also have some of their colors already as well. Does this mean they will be released soon? Several people think of a Halloween release. I guess we just have to wait.

Thanks again to Aquatic Neon for the heads up!


  1. Um, Nightmare Moon, your horn is a bit floppy...

  2. I think it might be after Halloween actually, maybe more along the lines of the Christmas Holidays. Just saw some photos for Maude Pie and Cheese Sandwich and they were in their boxes and looked like they were ready to ship. So I'm guessing those two will be out before Chrysalis and Nightmare Moon. I just hope Funko doesn't have the same problems with these two that they did with Luna and Celestia. >.> Because I really want that Chrysalis figure.

    1. No you're not I'm getting queen crysalis funko vynil figurine first!

  3. I hope they release them both after Halloween

  4. The floppy horn is killing me I cant

  5. Thank GOD these are protos! Funko better fix Chrysalis hair color...Also Nightmare's horn xD