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My Little Pony Possibly G5 Equestria Girls Dolls
Out of all the Spin-off lines Hasbro had released during the run time of the fourth generation, Equestria Girls was by far the most popular with the release of over 300 dolls durings its run plus the tons of media that got released as well such as movies, specials and other webisodes. After the fourth generation had ended many people wondered what the fate would be for the Equestria Girls line...

Yesterday images have surfaced of possibly a new generation of Equestria girls, this time with the main characters of the current generation minus Hitch. From the images shown we can see that the dolls are more diverse than the previous generation with at least different heights and possibly body types for the dolls. Their faces are also more diverse reflecting their personality more. From what I'm seeing so far I quite like them! 

Another image showing Pipp also shows what the packaging might look like. It also comes with tiara which you can wear yourself. Notice though that all the text is blurred out so "Equestria Girls" might not even be his line's name though it seems a bit... unlikely in my opinion.

Aside from these two images we have no other information for now. However seeing as around this time Hasbro usually showcases their products for the upcoming year I won't be surprised if we get more information in a few weeks. What do you think of this new Generation of Equestria Girls? Are you excited or would you've like to seen the focus on something else?

Thanks to doll.girlicious for the images!

My Little Pony Possibly G5 Equestria Girls Dolls


Kotobukiya My Little Pony Bishoujo Princess Luna and Princess Celestia Sculpts

Back in August we learned that the line of My Little Pony Bishoujo statues would not end with the mane 6 and Sunset Shimmer, but that Princess Luna and Princess Celestia were going to be added. Now, just before the end of the year, Kotobukiya reveals the final (unpainted) sculpt design for both of the human versions. They also show the final human + pony version of Princess Luna separately, and we expect them to share the pony design of Princess Celestia soon.

MLP Starsong Playskool Friends Glow Pony Plush Prototype
Let's talk about one of the youngest MLP Lines: The Playskool line, it was 2015 when we saw them for the first time. During that year we were also introduced to the Rainbow Dash Glow Pony, a plush that lights up and makes sound when you press her tummy. So far nothing interesting right?

Well yesterday I went to a French site and noticed a listing with a Glow Pony Starsong as seen above. I though to myself, perhaps it's just a listing for a new Glow Pony, but I couldn't find anything about an upcoming Starsong one. So, what if it's a prototype? Then I looked further and I came to the conclusion: Starsong was supposed to be the Glow Pony plush instead of Rainbow Dash.

MLP The Movie Guardians of Harmony Toy Concept
Steven Anne has posted this tweet. It's actually about the Dr. Strange and Hulkbuster figures but there's quite something interesting shown as well. Behind the two a concept for a Guardians of Harmony Figure can be seen, well... the packaging. At first sight it looks like a normal one but notice the logo in the top corner... Instead of the regular one (with the new colors) this one also mentions the movie so perhaps this Guardians of Harmony Toy will be related to the movie or perhaps the whole line will.

As for now it's just speculation but it's quite interesting. Let's hope we find more information soon. Thanks to Splash Lights Media for the heads up!

MLP Queen Chrysalis and Nightmare Moon Funko Vinyl Prototypes
Yesterday a white prototype for a Queen Chrysalis Vinyl was spotted but now Nightmare Moon has also been spotted alongside Queen Chrysalis. These prototypes also have some of their colors already as well. Does this mean they will be released soon? Several people think of a Halloween release. I guess we just have to wait.

Thanks again to Aquatic Neon for the heads up!

MLP Funko Vinyl Queen Chrysalis Prototype
Some of us already saw this coming as all the ponies from the Funko Mystery minis are always released as large vinyls as well. So today a Prototype for an upcoming Queen Chrysalis Funko Vinyl figure has been spotted. Its unknown with who she will be paired (probably Nightmare Moon) and when she will be released. We will keep you updated.

Thanks a bunch to Aquatic Neon for the heads up!

MLP Princess Celestia Regular Sized Unicorn Brushable
A new item has been found on Taobao and this time it's something quite.. strange. This regular sized Princess Celestia brushable has been spotted on Taobao. Normally Princess Celestia would be released in her Princess Mold but now we see her as a regular brushable. Also, were are her wings? We basically have three options:
  • She's real and will be released in the future
  • She's a Prototype
  • She's a fakie.

The last options seems illogical as all the other stuff the seller has listed is 100% official. Her quality is also way better then most fakies. As for now, I guess she's a prototype. We hope we can provide more info soon.

MLP Cheese Sandwich Funko Mystery Mini Prototype
Yesterday we reported that several new MLP Funko Mystery Minis prototypes had been found. It seems like there are more on the way. It was already quite clear that Princess Celestia and Apple Bloom were also going to be part of the next wave. But it turns out Cheese Sandwich will join the line as well! Does this mean the next regular Vinyl release will consist of Maud Pie, Queen Chrysalis and Cheese Sandwich?

We hope we can provide more info soon. Thanks to Aquatic Neon again for the heads up!

MLP Queen Chrysalis Funko Mystery Mini Series 3 Prototype
And it seems like the third series of the MLP Funko Mystery Minis have been revealed. Well at least there prototypes. These were given to people during the Funko Fundays. And of course not all were shown. But it seems like the latest waves are going to be included. This is because all the MLP Vinyl figures will eventually end up as a mystery mini. Thats why we're seeing Princess Luna, Shining Armor and the CMC.

But this goes the other way as well. The Discord Mystery Mini was released first. Only after that he appeared as a regular Funko alongside Daring Do and Rarity.
It seems like this is going to be the case again as we see two new characters: Maud Pie and Queen Chrysalis. Eventually these will end up as regular vinyls as well I presume.
No other information is known. We will keep you guys updated.

Thanks a lot to Aquatic Neon and caroleannford for the heads up!

MLP Funko Vinyl Apple Bloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle Figures
It seems like we finally know who the next Funko Vinyl Figures are gonna be! This time we have a total of 3 ponies. I'm talking about the CMC! These prototypes were spotted during the Funko tour. Let's hope we get some images soon of them finished.

Thanks to Aquatic Neon for the heads up!