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My Little Pony Mighty Jaxx XXRAY Plus Nightmare Moon

Back in February after the success of the first wave of the MLP Hidden dissectibles series Mighty Jaxx held a poll for people to vote for the next XXRAY Plus MLP release after Princess Celestia. People could vote between Princess Luna and Nightmare Moon, and judging by this announcement we now know the winner: Nightmare Moon!

Update: Pre-orders are now available in the Mighty Jaxx store! And don't forget our referral link that will get you $10 off.

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Mighty Jaxx Opens Poll for Next MLP Figure

Over on their Instagram page Mighty Jaxx opened a quick poll to see which pony they should release as their next figure: Princess Luna or Nightmare Moon. The figure with the most votes will presumably be the next XXRay Plus figure, of which Princess Celestia was announced before.

Hasbro Releases Ponies: The Galloping Trading Card SetHasbro Releases Ponies: The Galloping Trading Card Set
We normally don't post anything related to Magic The Gathering, but when Hasbro starts a collaboration with My Little Pony we're happy to jump in!
Hasbro just sent out a news statement that the Ponies: The Galloping Trading Card Set will be available tomorrow, as well as an exclusive set of Ultra PRO playmats. Both to celebrate the final episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and to raise money for charity.

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MLP Teepublic May Sale
Its that time again. All merchandise on Teepublic is now on sale and that means that all tees are now only $14! For the occasion I've managed to make three new designs, one of Pufferfish Spike for the upcoming Movie and two themed after Daybreaker. You can find the listings below!

Hasbro Announces First Guardians of Harmony Comic
Over on Kotaku, Hasbro has exclusively revealed the first details and pages of the upcoming Guardians of Harmony comic line, which was announced back when the first GoH figures were shared.
The first issue will be released on December 1st as a digital comic, and a "full print version" will be available in February 2017. It was not mentioned whether the latter is a physical release of the first issue or the paperback.
Below you can see a preview (warning: spoilers) of the first chapter that was released as a teaser. (Click the images to enlarge)

Midnight in Canterlot Set Re-released at Toys"R"Us
Those who never got the opportunity to get their hands on a Minty brushable will probably rush to their local Toys"R"Us or their website after reading this: The Midnight in Canterlot set has been re-released, still with all the ponies from the original release back in 2013.
The set is available for $29.99, which sounds like steal to me, and can be bought on the TRU website or in local stores.
While the contents have not changed since the first released, the box has barely been touched either. Only the copyright year was updated to 2016, but the old logo is still their, as well was the 'hub'-logo from the TV-channel that has been renamed to Discovery Family almost 2 years ago.
The re-release of this set may also be the reason why Minty brushables have started to pop-up on eBay and Taobao again as of lately. With this release we don't think that Minty will be featured in another set for the near future.

Thanks to Felipe and Missy for the info!

Store Finds Extra: Equestria Girls, GoH Fan Series & Random
Extra edition of our Store Finds post series, as just after our post from yesterday even more finds have been reported! All items have been spotted in the US this time, including some great finds at Barnes & Nobles!
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

MLP Guardians of Harmony Fan Series Nightmare Moon
Discord was available yesterday but he sold out pretty fast. But the Fan Series Nightmare Moon and Princess Celestia are now up for pre-order on Amazon. They will be released on 30 September 2016. You can pre-order them for $29.99 each but you can also pre-order them both together for $59.99. Have all the listings below!

Store Finds: FiM Collection Nightmare Night and Magical Scene Brushables
A quick update for merch hunters worldwide! We've had various reports of new figures being released in both Europe and the US.
The new Friendship is Magic Collection figures of Nightmare Night have been found in France and the US. In France we know for sure that the Golden Oaks Library is available at Picwic for €22.99 (thanks to ooneptuneoo) and in the US the Library and Large Story Packs (Nightmare Moon's Chariot and Applejack's Stand).
Also, the Magical Scenes brushables have been spotted in Portugal for €9 (thanks to Sharon).

MLP Princess Celestia, Nightmare Moon and Discord Guardians of Harmony Fan Series Figures at TRU Philippines
I bet almost none of you did expect this, neither did we but the first Guardians of Harmony figures have appeared in stores. Toys'R'Us Philippines to be exact. Only these three were spotted and we can see that the Discord one is quite large compared to Celestia and Nightmare Moon.
Apparently Celestia and Nightmare Moon are 1,499.75 (Philippine Pesos) which is about $32 and Discord is Php 2,299.75, about $49. However the actual US prices might be a bit lower as this article explains.

Let's hope they will arrive in other countries soon as well on several websites like Amazon.

Thanks to Jason for the heads up and image!