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MLP Friendship is Magic #39 IDW Cover A By Agnes Garbowska
And the comics for February 2016 have been announced. As always we get a new issue of the Friendship is Magic Series and this time we're already at number 39. This issue continues the story of #38 as the CMC and their friends are still lost in the woods. The issue is written by Christina Rice and the artist for this issue is Agnes Garbowska.

So far two covers have been announced but more will be revealed eventually. One by Sara Richard has been announced as well.

  • The Regular A cover by Agnes Garbowska
  • A special Valentines Day Themed Cover by Lea Hernandez
“Don’t You Forget About Us” part 2! The Cutie Mark Crusaders and their classmates are hopelessly lost in the woods! The only chance of salvation may lie with…Diamond Tiara?!

MLP Friendship is Magic #39 IDW Valentine Cover by Lea Hernandez

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