MLP Friendship is Magic Season 6 Teaser
Hasbro has posted this teaser of Season Six on the official MLP Facebook Page.
There’s no doubt, friendship is the best thing ever. But friendBOATS are great too!! — Pinkie Pie
Coming in Season 6: Pinkie Pie will discover that there’s nothing quite as fun as rowing a Swan Boat through Manehattan with best friends!! You get to see the city from new and different angles, and it’s a fun way to explore Equestria together!!

 As we all know we've seen this boat before:
MLP Explore Equestria Swan Boat with Pinkie Pie Brushable
 Judging by this teaser I think we can confirm that Season 6 will be themed around the Explore Equestria line. This seems also more logic as season 5 was about Cutie Mark Magic line. But know comes the question: What will the merch expectations be? The Swan Boat will possibly make an appearance in the show together with Maud Pie. Will we see other vehicles as well? The theme for this season is most likely exploring Equestria with friends so I bet we will see a lot of new characters. First of all Starlight Glimmer who got the task to make some new friends. Will this new friends appear in season 6 and will we eventually see toys of them? I'm sure we will see a lot of Starlight Glimmer herself as well because she already got two new single brushables.
MLP Explore Equestria Starlight Glimmer Translucent BrushableMLP Explore Equestria Starlight Glimmer Hairband Brushable
Another character that will possible get a toy even though there's like no information of him/her at the moment is the child of Cadance and Shining Armor. It's most likely we will see him/her for the first time in Season 6 and I'm curious if he/she will get any toys. Perhaps a So Soft or an addition to the Playskool line. Even though I'm not a fan of the whole Princess Cadance/Shining Armor Baby thing I'm quite curious what this will mean for the merchandise line. I'm also curious what he/she will look like in terms of colors and race. I personally don't hope an Alicorn but that seems very unlikely since is feels like you have to earn it to become an Alicorn.

Next up some new characters have been listed on Amazon named Meadow Flower, Sea Swirl and a new character named Sapphire Joy. We also got Pursey Pink who will join the Bow Singles line. All these characters are quite bland in terms of personality as they all are just some backgrounds characters. Perhaps these are just being released to please the fans who've been wanting some more variety for the Brushable Line. However there's a small change the Amazon listings are wrong and that they might belong to a different line. However this seems very unlikely.
MLP Meadow FlowerMLP Explore Equestria Pursey Pink Hairband BrushableMLP Sea Swirl
We also saw the appearance of Coco Pommel as one of the new basic Articulated Ponies. I'm placing her somewhere different then the ones I described above because Coco Pommel actually has a lot of personality and she appeared already in 2 episodes as a very popular character. I feel like we will see more of her in Season 6 and that she will be on the same line as Maud Pie. Maud Pie will be a recurring character that you'll see a lot together with Pinkie Pie and I bet Coco Pommel will possibly be the same with Rarity.
MLP Explore Equestria Coco Pommel Articulated Brushable
So overal, what I think we will expect in terms of Merchandise:

  • Vehicles like the Swan Boat
  • More Starlight Glimmer
  • Possibly the Child of Cadance and Shining Armor 
  • New Characters 
  • More merch of Popular Character like Maud Pie and Coco Pommel

So this has been my opinion about Season 6 and the possible ideas for the Explore Equestria Toyline. Feel free to discuss your theories below. I guess we all have to wait until the Toy Fair to receive more information about the whole Explore Equestria Theme and the toys that will be released.


  1. The swan boat of the image is FAR BETTER than the toy. Asd.

  2. Seeing as Pinkie, Maud, and Dash are in Manehattan, I'm hoping for Coco's return in the same episode!

    It's curious that they've released Meadow Flower a lot recently. They did the same thing with Amethyst Star last year, and a couple months later she ended up with a speaking role in Slice of Life!
    Sea Swirl might have a role as well, but I'm doubtful of Pursey Pink because she appeared in two episodes at most. :P

    I can't wait for Sapphire Joy to be revealed!

  3. what if sapphire joy is sapphire shores' twin sister?

  4. I can't wait for season 6 i definitely want to see sapphire joy!

  5. It's been confirmed that Starlight Glimmer's new friends will be the Mane 6 and she'll make it the Mane 7!

  6. Meadow Flower has a personality. She's a bit of a ditz who can't handle much and is quite a slow flyer (No offense, Meadow Flower, I'm just proving you have personality).

    1. You know, a bit like Blossomforth.

  7. Annoyingly the swan boat toy plays the wrong mlp theme when the waterwheel spins. It plays the g 3.5 theme from the old pack in shorts from the newborn cuties line. My guess it was chip recycling or they wanted an riverboat style theme and the 3.5 remix of the mlp theme was already scored and ready. At least pinkie pie got an all new ride this line her rc scooter was an redeco of g3 scootaloo's scooter toy packed with an g4 deluxe pinkiee pie with the 3d barcode added they even left the toys butterfly motif on it based on g3 scoot's cutie mark.

  8. I imagine Sapphire Joy as Diamond Rose as a unicorn.