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MLP Pearlized Meadow Flower Explore Equestria Brushable
Not long ago we've found Sapphire Joy on Ebay, she will be in the third wave of the Pearlized brushables from the Explore Equestria line together with three others. But yesterday the second pony for this wave has been spotted on Aliexpress and it's Meadow Flower. No word yet about Applejack and Sea Swirl but they will probably appear soon as well.

Thanks to Martín for the heads up!

MLP New Hasbro Pop/Design-a-Pony Kits found in Stores
So we've seen several of the new Hasbro Pop/Design-a-Pony appear online. We've found them on Taobao and the official MLP Website posted these as well. But we all began to wonder when and where they would appear. The first reports are in. They've been found at Toys'R'Us and ASDA in the UK and they've also been spotted in Sweden, all the Scandinavian TRU websites have listed these as well so there's a high chance the other Northern countries have these as well.
No reports yet on from people of the US. I've you find them please feel free to let us know.

Thanks to SETC and Josefin for the heads up!

MLP Friendship is Magic Season 6 Teaser
Hasbro has posted this teaser of Season Six on the official MLP Facebook Page.
There’s no doubt, friendship is the best thing ever. But friendBOATS are great too!! — Pinkie Pie
Coming in Season 6: Pinkie Pie will discover that there’s nothing quite as fun as rowing a Swan Boat through Manehattan with best friends!! You get to see the city from new and different angles, and it’s a fun way to explore Equestria together!!

MLP Meadow Flower Hasbro Pop Starter Kit
It seems like several of the MLP websites have gotten an update which include some new listed merchandise as well. We knew that the Hasbro Pop line would continue under a different name, namely "Design-a-Pony" but we personally prefer to keep it named Hasbro Pop because most of us know it under that name. In addition to that the website has also listed some of the new Explore Equestria and EQG Minis line, but since none of that is new we keep it to this simple mention.

Now let's move on to the more interesting things, the new Pop ponies. We already knew some of them but we now have official images as well. The wing ones we're spotted before on another UK website and the Starter Packs and the large ones were found on Taobao. But 2 2-packs have now been revealed as well. One contains Princess Celestia and Twilight Sparkle, and the other one contains Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie.

Have a look at all the new ones below.

MLP Hasbro Pony Pop Starter Kits
For a while we actually thought the Hasbro Pop Line was coming to an end since we felt it wasn't as popular as Hasbro would have hoped. But today something new appeared on Taobao. It seems like Hasbro Pop is going to launch some new starter kits and what kind of!
So the first things that I noticed is that the packaging is totally new. First it was some sort of a blister packaging which makes you see what's inside. This is now scrapped as they put  a nice render of the figure on the front. The back of the packaging shows what's inside. In this case the same as usual. The pony itself and her hair and some stickers.

Another cool thing is the fact that we see some brand new characters here we never saw before: The popular Cloud Chaser and other characters like Meadow Flower and Starry Eyes which is a colt which is nice. Of course a Mane Six Pony couldn't be left behind so Rainbow Dash is included as well.

I hope this will bring back the Hasbro Pop Line and I can't wait to see what they have in store for us as well. More new characters? Different kind of kits? All we have to do is wait...