Friends Forever #27 Comic Cover AFriends Forever #27 Comic Subscription Variant
The latest issue of the Friends Forever comic, number 27, has officially been released today. The comic focuses on the unexpected friendship between Pinkie Pie and Granny Smith! The comic comes in two flavors: The regular cover by Tony Fleecs or the subscription variant by Agnes Garbowska.
As usual the comic is around $3.99 and you can get the comic in your favourite comic store, or online on Amazon:
- Friends Forever #27 - Regular cover
- Friends Forever #27 - Subscription variant
- Friends Forever #27 - Kindle digital edition

Writer: Christina Rice
Artist: Agnes Garbowska
Cover Artists: Tony Fleecs (CVR), Agnes Garbowska (SUB)
Publisher: IDW
Summary: It's cider season and things are busy at Sweet Apple Acres! Unfortunately, Granny has broken her hip and Pinkie Pie is called in to look after the cantankerous elder! Will Pinkie's optimism triumph over Granny's stubbornness?