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My Little Pony Hidden Dissectibles Series 2 REVIEW
Ever since the reveal and review of the first series of Freeny's Hidden Dissectibles by Mighty Jaxx, we've been waiting for more! In the mean time they release a larger Princess Celestia figure for a limited time, but we were overjoyed when we heard about the second series!

Mighty Jaxx Reveals Series 2 Hidden Dissectibles

One of the biggest My Little Pony figure hits from 2020 were the Hidden Dissectibles ponies. These blind bags featured unique My Little Pony sculpts with half dissected ponies. Many people wanted to see more ponies in this same style, and they have been heard: Mighty Jaxx just announced their second series of My Little Pony Hidden Dissectibles!
Update: Series 2 Hidden Dissectibles are now available! Check our review for all details or get them directly at Mighty Jaxx (you can use our referal link for $10 off $100)

Wave 21 Blind Bags Listed on Amazon: First Moon Dancer Figure
Over on Amazon the first images of wave 21 blind bags have been shared on the listing currently still cryptically called "Kiosk Pony 7 Doll and Accessories". The figures included in this new wave is quiet interesting for various reasons, starting with the first official release of a Moon Dancer figure (ignoring the semi-related Playskool figure).
Secondly, the theme: There's a mix of crystal ponies and members of the apple family, two quite opposite themes mixed into one set. This set could be focused on Applejack and Rarity, of which the latter is not included, or it could be the theme of an upcoming episode or MLP The Movie. But honestly it can also be completely random as a one-off theme for this set.
And finally, in this wave a new style of chase figures is introduced with large glitter flakes on their mane and tail, which included Moon Dancer, a Royal Guard, Savvy Saddles, Trenderhoof and Svengallop.
Below we have a list of all characters included in this wave, including our current guess for the codes (of course we couldn't confirm them yet). You can also see the full list in our Blind Bag Database.

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MLP IDW Friendship is Magic #46 Comic Subscription Cover by Sara Richard
It's that time of the month where IDW Announces their comics. And this time we're looking at the solicitations for September. Have a look at all the announced stuff below!

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Friends Forever Volume 7 Paperback Available for Pre-Order
The 7th paperback bundle for the Friends Forever has been announced for a September release. This issue bundles the Friends Forever #25-#28 comics into a neat paperback. This is especially handy for those who prefer sturdier comics or missed one of these comics. You can get the bundle for $17.99 and will be released on September 6.

Friends Forever #27 Comic Cover AFriends Forever #27 Comic Subscription Variant
The latest issue of the Friends Forever comic, number 27, has officially been released today. The comic focuses on the unexpected friendship between Pinkie Pie and Granny Smith! The comic comes in two flavors: The regular cover by Tony Fleecs or the subscription variant by Agnes Garbowska.
As usual the comic is around $3.99 and you can get the comic in your favourite comic store, or online on Amazon:
- Friends Forever #27 - Regular cover
- Friends Forever #27 - Subscription variant
- Friends Forever #27 - Kindle digital edition

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MLP Friends Forever #27 Comic by IDW Regular Cover by Tony Fleecs MLP Friends Forever #27 Comic by IDW Subscription Cover by Agnes Garbowska
And a new Friends Forever has been announced. This time we're going to read a story about Granny Smith and Pinkie Pie. Granny Smith has broken her hip and Pinkie Pie needs to take care of her. Will this all go well? This issue is written by Christina Rice and drawn by Agnes Garbowska. Two covers have been announced:

  • The Regular Cover by Tony Fleecs
  • The Subscription Cover by Agnes Garbowska.

It's cider season and things are busy at Sweet Apple Acres! Unfortunately, Granny has broken her hip and Pinkie Pie is called in to look after the cantankerous elder! Will Pinkie's optimism triumph over Granny's stubbornness?

And it seems like a new commercial has arrived. Here we have the commercial for the very popular Friendship is Magic Collection figures. Looks kinda cute with the whole scenery. In the end you can also see the chase figures for the wave 13 and wave 14 blind bags.

Thanks to Spazz DHN for the video! You can watch it below or on Youtube.

Sweet Apple Acres
The Amazon Prime Day sale is currently ongoing and we've just missed the Flash Sentry & Twilight Sparkle sale, but luckily we're in time to report on the next one. Coming in about half an our is an Amazon Prime exclusive deal on the Sweet Apple Acres set from the Friendship is Magic Collection.
The sale will start at PST 12:00 PM / EST 3:00 PM / CET 9:00 PM and the exact price will be announced at the start, but the set is currently already down to $15.99.
Note: The sale is only available for Amazon Prime members, but even free 30-day trial members are eligible for today's sales.

Friendship is Magic Collection Barn found at TRU
That's fast! Yesterday the Single and Small Story Packs of the FiM collection were available to order on Amazon. But it turns out this set is now also available at Toys'R'Us! This one was found at the TRU Murrieta, California. It's available for $19.99 if I'm correct. It's not sure if all TRU start selling them now. It's best to contact your store first to make sure you don't visit for nothing. ;)

Thanks a bunch to Eclipsed Flame for the heads up and for providing the image!