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MLP:CCG Marks in Time Comes With New Pack DrafterMLP:CCG Marks in Time Comes With New Pack Drafter
The MLP:CCG newest addition Marks in Time is available for pre-order on ToyWiz. While it was expected to see more about this set around this time, we are actually surprised by the new release type: Pack Drafters. These packs are a replacement for the starter decks and will help players to create a base for their deck for a smaller price. Because for $9.99 you get 2 Marks in Time booster packs and 2 booster packs from the previous two sets, which is already a good deal. But the pack also include 2 additional special foil cards, CMC starter cards and Kevin (Fitting In) with an alternative print. While I doubt that one pack will get you enough for a single 2-color deck, it will at least get you started with the card game.
And of course you can also get the regular booster packs or a booster box.

- MLP:CCG Marks in Time Booster Box - $89.99
- MLP:CCG Marks in Time Pack Drafter - $9.99

And for those who want to attend the pre-release events: the individual events will be held between June 3rd and June 5th in the United States and Canada, while other countries will see events in the two weeks after that.

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