MLP Applejack Sweet Cart and Nightmare Night Charior from FiM Collection
It seems like it's that time again when several websites update their listings with brand new images of newly announced merchandise which of most we saw during the NY Toy Fair. Time to compile them all in one post! (And time to update the databases again)

First of all as you can all see the images of the Nightmare Night Chariot and Sweet Cart have arrived. These are the large story packs for the Nightmare Night FiM collection. The Golden Oaks Library has also just been found. You can pre-order these two sets on Entertainment Earth here. 

MLP Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie Explore Equestria Action Fashion Styles
And second the first two Action Fashion Styles have received images as well. These Fashion Style ponies each come with a different action. Fluttershy raises her hooves and flaps her wings and Pinkie Pie has a bobble head gimmick! Both are available for pre-order as well. For more new Explore Equestria Merchandise you can take a look at this post.

Then we have the Large Rainbow Dash Hasbro Pop pony we saw during the fair. This Rainbow Dash comes with over 100 pieces of yarn and other accessories to decorate your Rainbow Dash.
MLP Rainbow Dash Large Hasbro Pop PonyMLP Rainbow Dash Large Hasbro Pop Pony
At last we have a Playskool items which we finally found the packaging of. It's not much special as this Micro Playset contains a Bumblesweet and Cheerilee figure which have been released before.
MLP Bumblesweet and Cheerilee Playskool Friends Micro Playset
Most of these items will arrive this summer/fall. As always we'll keep you updated!