MLP New Hasbro Pop/Design-a-Pony during Abrin 2016
During the NY Toy Fair we didn't saw much of the Hasbro Pop/Design-a-Pony merchandise besides a large Rainbow Dash one. But the Brazilian Toy Fair (Abrin) was hold not long ago and besides the Guardians of Harmony Discord they showed a lot more Hasbro Pop Ponies.

By the looks of it these are about the same size as the larger Hasbro Pop Ponies (Design-a-Pony Celestia and the black Princesses) Looks like there will be at least two types of ponies as we see a Fluttershy and Rarity with a lot of bows in their hair similar too the Ribbon Hair Brushables. We also see a Twilight Sparkle decorated with glitter and an Applejack with braided hair.

These new Hasbro Pop ponies have been spotted in the UK and other European so far. It's unsure if these have already been spotted in the US but they are all listed on the US MLP website so it seems likely they will appear there as well.

Thanks to Eclipsed Flame for the heads up and Diane Leite for the image!


  1. It being on the US Hasbro site is no guarantee it will show up in the US. There were some mini dolls of the Biskit Twins from LPS that were listed but never appeared in stores here at all.

    1. Really Hasbro never released the biskit twins your full of it.

  2. I wonder why they went for the old Rainbow dash eye model instead of the one they use in the newer ponies :o

  3. Can you hear me or should I just disappear

  4. I like pop ponies but i haven't seen any in stores i doubt if these pop make it to the US.

  5. They remind me of the Cutie Mark Magic Ribbon Singles. I hope they make a Starlight for that.