MLP Possible Wave 17 Peachy Sweet Blind BagMLP Possible Wave 17 Merry May Blind Bag
Quite a lot of Blind Bag news these days isn't it? I just found two new Blind Bags on Ebay which I never saw before of Peachy Sweet and Merry May. As you can see they have translucent bodies and painted manes like the 7th and 8th wave. But what's strange is that these two characters will be also in Wave 16. So... what's going on with these? There are a few possibilities:

  • They are indeed just Wave 17 Ponies
  • They will be in a different release
  • They are fake (unlikely since this seller doesn't sell any other fake stuff)
So it's quite a mystery what these will be. Perhaps we need to wait and see if more of these starts appearing. Let's hope we'll find the answer soon.


  1. They could be fake but they could just be promotional repeats. You know, in case anyone missed those ponies in Wave 16. It could also be a typo on EBay and they meant to say Wave 16.

    1. I can tell you this they are 100% real these mlp blind bag figures are definitely not fake!