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Store Finds: Tableware, GoH, Lollipops and More!
This week we have a few surprising new releases, including beautiful tableware, a new issue of the US Magazine, lollipops and more! Most store finds are from the US, but we also got Poland and the UK covered in this episode.
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

Wave 17 Blind Bags on Amazon - Wave 16 Cancelled?
The Amazon listing we wrote about a week ago has been updated, and now mentions that the figures are in fact wave 17. While it's good news that Wave 17 blind bags are already available in the US, we also have some bad news.
We had direct contact with the Amazon seller, and we heard that all orders of Wave 16 orders are cancelled in the US. While we cannot be 100% sure if this has impact on the complete US, but hearing this after the big delay that we have seen so far only confirms the story that Hasbro is not shipping any Wave 16 blind bags into the US. This might result in another "International Exclusive" set like wave 2, because various other countries have had this set for months.

For now this is all the news that we have on Wave 16. If the set does actually end up in stores we'll write a new post on it once we get the news in!

Wave 17 Blind Bags Images Released + CODES
The first images of wave 17 blind bags have been found, and Hasbro has been generous this time: HQ images of all ponies and blind bag cards are included! This way we were able to fill our MLP Blind Bag Database and figure out the codes for this wave! As expected, this wave is a re-release of wave 7, but with a missing characters like the wonderbolts (who get a release anyway) and Barber Groomsby. These have been replaced with Nightmare Night-themed chase figures, as we've seen before on eBay and Taobao. The regular characters are transparent ponies with embedded glitter (like wave 13), and the chase figures have regular material.
(Sadly, we didn't hear anything about the release of wave 16 yet)
Below we have a list of all the codes and ponies that we now know of:

MLP Wave 17 Cherry Berry Blind Bag
 Good news for those who want to expand their Nightmare Night collection as the third Chase Figure for the 17th Wave of the Blind Bags has been found. (Lyra and Ace have been spotted before) This time it's Cherry Berry who's dressed as a cute bumblebee. The only two we are missing now are Berryshine in her safari costume and "Dinky Doo" as a firefighter (?) These will probably appear soon as well.

Thanks to Anne for the heads up!

MLP Possible Wave 17 Ace Blind Bag
A new Blind Bag has been spotted and this time it's Ace. Now it has been confusing the past days with all these new blind bags as we had no idea how they would be released. Luclikly I don't think that's the case with Ace. This is because he was spotted during the NY Toy Fair together with the Nightmare Night themed Lyra and three other ponies in costume. This means that he will be a chase figure in an upcoming wave. (most likely Wave 17) Let's hope we'll find the others soon as well!

MLP Twilight Velvet Blind Bag Figure
Some new Blind Bags have appeared on Ebay again. Thought the past ones that we found were confusing? Well this doesn't help much either as it turns out that two versions of the same Blind Bag have been found. All the characters that we spotted will be part of Wave 16. We know that they will be pearlized as we in the official Amazon listing of these.

Now about two days ago we spotted a new variant of Peachy Sweet and Merry May. Both of them had painted manes alongside the pearlized bodies. We thought that maybe they would be part of Wave 17 but now that we've found this it seems very unlikely for Hasbro to release the same ponies in the next wave but just with painted manes. So what's going on? Will there perhaps be two versions of the same wave? (one for the US/EU and one for the UK?) Will these be the final versions instead of the solid ones? (seems unlikely because of the listing)  It's all one big mystery and let's hope it will be solves soon.

MLP Possible Wave 17 Peachy Sweet Blind BagMLP Possible Wave 17 Merry May Blind Bag
Quite a lot of Blind Bag news these days isn't it? I just found two new Blind Bags on Ebay which I never saw before of Peachy Sweet and Merry May. As you can see they have translucent bodies and painted manes like the 7th and 8th wave. But what's strange is that these two characters will be also in Wave 16. So... what's going on with these? There are a few possibilities:

  • They are indeed just Wave 17 Ponies
  • They will be in a different release
  • They are fake (unlikely since this seller doesn't sell any other fake stuff)
So it's quite a mystery what these will be. Perhaps we need to wait and see if more of these starts appearing. Let's hope we'll find the answer soon.


MLP Lyra Heartstrings Wave 17 Nightmare Night Blind Bag Figure
Looks like a new Nightmare Night Themed Blind Bag has been found as this mummified Lyra has been spotted. She was shown alongside 4 others during the New York Toy Fair which means she will be one of the chase figures for Wave 17. (or 18 but most likely 17) Let's hope the others will appear soon as well.

New Misty Fly Wonderbolt Blind Bag Spotted
After the initial spot of two new Wonderbolt blind bags it was inevitable that a 3rd one would follow: Misty Fly. This blind bag was only ever released in wave 7, and it's really going to look like a re-release for the Wonderbolts later this year.
It's also interesting that this blind bag was spotted on Taobao, which means that blind bag production in China has not moved to India.
Thanks to Valezri for letting us know!

MLP Wave 16 Golden Harvest Figure
Thanks to an Anonymous visitor of or website we got a report that the Wave 16 Chase Figure of Golden Harvest has been spotted on Ebay. That means we already got 4 of the chase figures for the next wave. Only Big Mac Remains...

While looking further on the sellers page I also noticed that some normal colored Wonderbolts had been listed on Ebay as well. Judging by the look it will be Fleetfoot and Soarin. There's also a small change that these are fake but I think that's unlikely. The Wonderbolts were featured in the 7th Wave of the Blind Bags and looking at the fact that the 16th wave is a re-release of te 6th one it míght be possible these are perhaps for Wave 17. As always we'll keep you guys updated.