A Better Look at the MLP Magazine Mannequin
The current MLP Magazine in the UK comes with a book and mannequin stand, but we didn't get a good look on what that stand is like. Until now! Thanks to Victor we can now see that the figure is a tad smaller than a regular brushable (see single figure packaging on the left) and that they included some extra items like fabrics, charm stickers and a bow. I think that this is a must for all Rarity fans out there who want to create a boutique-like setting. Although, the mannequin that comes with the booktique playset is pretty similar (but you won't get any fabrics in that set).


  1. The fact that this version comes with actual fabrics makes this magazine package 20% cooler than the Booktique set!

    1. I agree it does look 20% cooler than the playset.

  2. My 4 year old son who collects MLP with me loved this edition. I didn't really think much of it, mainly because the stand broke �� and because I have used similar fabric samples for pony dresses for the mlp's my son doesn't display and maybe also because I always seem to want the ones released in different countries lol