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MLP IDW Friendship is Magic #46 Comic Subscription Cover by Sara Richard
It's that time of the month where IDW Announces their comics. And this time we're looking at the solicitations for September. Have a look at all the announced stuff below!

Friendship is Magic #46

MLP IDW Friendship is Magic #46 Comic Main Cover by Agnes GarbowskaMLP IDW Friendship is Magic #46 Comic Retailer Incentive Cover by Caytlin "Pixel Prism" VilbrandtMLP IDW Friendship is Magic #46 Comic Subscription Cover by Sara Richard
First of all we're at the 46th issue of the Friendship is Magic Series. And this one seems to blend in nicely with the Presidential Elections in the US as Mayor Mare is joining the elections in Ponyville, but it turns out Filthy Rich joins as well. It's been announced that this will be a 2-parter. The writer will be Ted Anderson and the artist is Agnes Garbowska. Three covers have been revealed so far.

  • The regular cover by Agnes Garbowska
  • The Subscription cover by Sara Richard
  • The Retailer Incentive cover by Caytlin "Pixel Prism" Vilbrandt

It’s election season in Ponyville and Mayor Mare looks to have the race in the bag. But when Filthy Rich throws his hat in the ring, all bets are off!

Friends Forever #32

MLP IDW Friends Forever #32 Comic Subscription Cover by Jay. P. FosgittMLP IDW Friends Forever #32 Comic Main Cover by Tony Fleecs
Looks like the Friends Forever Series is still running as well. I kinda like them since they create some interesting duo's. I think you can say the same for this issue as Daring Do and Fluttershy are going to team up in this one. It will be written by Ted Anderson and Jay. P. Fosgitt will be the artist. Two covers have been announced:

  • The Regular cover by Tony Fleecs
  • The Subscription cover by Jay P. Fosgitt

The shiest pony who’s ever shied, Fluttershy, meets the most adventurous adventurer ever: Daring Do! When the two embark on a perilous journey together it may be up to Fluttershy to teach Daring Do the meaning of bravery!

Friends Forever Volume 7 Paperback

MLP IDW Friends Forever Volume 7 Paperback Comic Main Cover by Agnes Garbowska
So we already knew this one was coming a long time ago but now the official solicitation has arrived. This paperback contains the issues #25-#28. It's up for pre-order on Amazon. 

Friendship is Magic #44 Fried Pie Exclusive Cover

MLP IDW Friendship is Magic #44 Comic Fried Pie Cover by Agnes Garbowska
And at last I wanted to include this nice cover by Agnes Garbowka for Fried Pie that's been announced this morning. Some of you might recognise the setting of this cover as it's based around the Wizard of Os. This cover will be available for pre-order around the end of July.

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