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MLP IDW Friendship is Magic #46 Comic Subscription Cover by Sara Richard
It's that time of the month where IDW Announces their comics. And this time we're looking at the solicitations for September. Have a look at all the announced stuff below!

Nightmare Night FiM Collection on Amazon
The first figures of the Nightmare Night Friendship is Magic Collection have appeared on Amazon. The four single figures have low stock and are sold by 3rd party sellers, but this is usually an indication that the figures will be properly available in a week or so.
The other, bigger sets are not available yet, but it could be a matter of days before they pop up on Amazon or other websites.
Below we have the listings for the figures that are available at the time of writing. I expect the first batch to sell out quick, though!

MLP Friendship is Magic Collection Derpy/Muffins Single Story Pack
The Single Story packs already got listed on Entertainment Earth now long ago but now Amazon has updated some of the listings including images and full item descriptions. So far these are the only ones with updated listings and we have to wait for the next ones to be updated as well. None of them are available yet but they're expected for this fall.  Have the listings and all the other info below.

MLP Nightmare Night Friendship is Magic Collection, Mayor Mare, Derpy, Princess Luna and Rainbow Dash Figures
Entertainment Earth had these listed for several weeks already but since today the listing has been updated with images of some of the figures. Judging by the look of these I think it's safe to assume that these will be the "single" story packs containing one single figure with some small accessories. The figures listed are Mayor Mare in her clown costume. The first "show-accurate" Season 2 Princess Luna Blind Bag. Derpy/Muffins and Rainbow Dash in her Shadowbolt Costume.

MLP Friendship is Magic Collection Nightmare Night Set
Yesterday it was revealed that there would be a Nightmare Night-Themed Friendship is Magic Collection Set. The Toy Fair them on Display as expected and you can take a look at all the figures below. We even see some that haven't been announced yet. However it was mentioned in the brand toolkits that three Luna-Themed Blind Bag Waves would be coming soon. Perhaps the chase figures of those waves will be certain Ponies in costume. Or perhaps we'll get some unannounced FiM Collection sets as well...

Thanks to Patricia for the heads up!

New My Little Pony and Equestria Girls Listings on Amazon
And it seems like Amazon has gone crazy again and posted some new listings. Again we don't know what exactly is what (Brushable or Blind Bag) but let's hope we find out soon. Our apologies if some listings from the previous post (here and here) appear in this one again. Kinda hard to keep track.

So we're going to see lot's of new characters. An Equestria Girls Derpy has been listed as well as mayor mare. Three our four listings seems very interesting in particular because they talk about a Princess Applejack, Cheerilee and Fluttershy. Will they be alicorns? Only time will tell... A new character has also been listed named Coloratura. Who are what she is is currently unknown.

Some new Equestria Girls Listings have also appeared and it seems like we will get one new line called "Fall Formal" I guess we're going to see everybody in some nice dresses! (and a tux for flash)

Besides from the listings we know nothing more. No release date, no images. We have no idea yet if they will be brushables or part of the Friendship is Magic Collection. We will of course provide you with info when we know more!

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Friends Forever 15 Sub CoverFriends Forever 15 Cover A
Since three days ago Friends Forever #15 has been released. Just like the other Friends Forever comics it only has two covers. Cover A made by Amy Mebberson, and the subscription cover made by Brenda Hickey

Amazon listings:
- Cover A
- Subscription Variant

Release date: March 18, 2015
Pages: 32
Writer: Bobby Curnow
Artist: Brenda Hickey
Publisher: IDW
Summary: After getting an erroneous citation, Applejack goes to Ponyville City Hall to set things right! She soon finds herself swept up in the chaos of city government thanks to none other than Mayor Mare! Will Applejack be able to escape with her sanity intact?

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MLP Friends Forever #15 Comic CoverMLP Friends Forever #15 Comic Subscription Cover
This months IDW list of comics for March include the Friends Forever #15 comic. The comic features the friendship between Mayor Mare and, by looking at the cover, a very angry Applejack!
The comic has two covers as usual: the regular variant (top left) and a cover for subscribers of the Friends Forever Comic series (top right).
The comic will be release on March 18 and will be available for $3.99.