(Online) Store Finds: Wave 2 Sparkle Bright, Pinkie Pie Salon & Random
It's time for another store finds post! This time we have more online listings than actual store finds, but oh well! Below we have the latest (online) store finds from the past days, send in from our readers.
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store yourself, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

Toys"R"Us (US): Pinkie Pie Switch-a-Do Salon Playset

Pinkie Pie Switch-a-Do Salon Playset
The big Equestria Girls Minis playset has been found at TRU in Pennsylvania. As you might already know the set features a Pinkie Pie figure with various hairstyles which you can switch as you like. (Thanks to Mike)

Toys"R"Us (US): Glitter Globe Maker & Stamp Art Studio

MLP Glitter Globe MakerMLP Glitter Globe Maker
MLP Stamp Art StudioMLP Stamp Art Studio
Canal Toys has been making creative MLP merch for a while, but this time they really have something amazing! With the Glitter Globe Maker you can create your own snow globes using the included glitter and figure, but you're free to use your own figures too! So you can now easily create snow/glitter globes with your favourite blind bag characters, and even swap them later.
Also released by Canal Toys is the Stamp Art Studio which contains various pony stamps, markers and coloring pictures. (Thanks to Alex)

Target (US): Wave 2 Sparkle Brights

MLP Wave 2 Sparkle Bright Princess CelestiaMLP Wave 2 Sparkle Bright Twilight Sparkle
These were earlier found on Amazon, but now Twilight Sparkle and Princess Celestia are also listed on the Target website. At this moment neither of them are available for order, but it could be a matter of days before they are. (Thanks to Anya)


  1. I really want the wave 2 sparkle bright brushible ponies and the mlp snow globe maker.

  2. Toys'R'Us has a lot online and some in stores while the HasbroToyShop has all the new minis, minus the small story packs, and the GOH fan faigures

  3. My daughter picked up both of these from Target over the weekend. Some stores are definitely stocking the sparkle brights.