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MLP Merch Poll #96MLP Merch Poll #95 Results
Last week we asked you what your thoughts were on the new brushable style. Most of you gave a positive answer with 35% saying yes, and another 15% liking some of the new figures. 22% of you think Hasbro could have done a better job, but another 22% fully dislikes them. The other 5% of the votes were from people not liking brushables at all, or had an other opinion all together.

This week we like to know which of our recently released database features you're using right now! Besides voting in our poll you're free to leave a comment in this post if there is something you (dis)like about the features, which is appreciated :)
(As we're a bit late with this week's poll we'll keep it open until Tuesday)
You can find the current poll below or in the side bar on the right of the website, or towards the bottom of the page if you're using a smartphone.

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